2016 First Quarter Update – EOS Consulting 

EOS Consulting provides technical and financial advisory services in the EMEA area and South America. We got in touch with Emanuele Riccobene, CEO of EOS, to get their view on the financial landscape in Q1, and find out how they consistently remain at the forefront of their industry.

At our company, we work alongside banks and private investors that operate in the renewable and traditional energy sectors as well as in infrastructure and real estate. We help our clients reach their goals by identifying priorities, improving the overall efficiency of their entrepreneurial projects and demanding positive results.

As such, we are a highly-competent hub with three decades of experience and our team members are constantly sharing knowledge and ideas to create optimal conditions for the realisation of projects. Our level of expertise never stops growing, allowing us to become ever more efficient, high-performing and professional.

As a company that is immersed in the energy sector, we have noticed a number of different trends happening in our industry. For instance, the market consolidation phase that is currently taking place in Italy, after a period of nearly five years saw the creation of 18 GW of photovoltaic assets, calls for a corresponding consolidation of knowledge in the sector so that the major players can perform their roles more efficiently

For this reason, EOS has decided to focus on becoming multidisciplinary, relying on its own team’s competences and on its capacity to propose itself, and thus evolving into a prepositive point of equilibrium for the participants involved in the deal and their necessities. As a result, EOS has earned its involvement in the most important M&A and refinancing operations, while respecting its own role as a reliable independent third party.

During Q1, the Italian market has been moving at a growing speed (in a number of deals), in order to make use of the capital raised in a short amount of time. As such, the number of capable subjects has increased. On the other hand, even though the offer is high, theoretically speaking, the number of assets able to positively pass the DD process is not enough to meet the demand. Furthermore, the technical normative context requires an increasingly attentive evaluation of certain fundamental elements – from the perspective of long-term investments – generating a complex meeting place for offer and demand, which needs to be attentively investigated during the evaluations.

In this environment, evolution is our guiding principle, with respect to our consolidated historical bases and in our capacity to foresee market needs that have yet to be revealed. We always strive to be ahead of the pack, and have demonstrated to the market that we are a highly innovative technical team that is capable of offering an efficient and focused skills book.

Alongside this expertise, we work every day to improve our team but also because we have facilitated a profound and prepositive evolution of our analyses process. This is of course to allow our clients to obtain the expected results while maintaining an elevated level of attention to the fundamental themes regarding M&A processes.

Thanks to a profound knowledge of the energy market and to the credibility and professionalism of our components, EOS is able to propose the most correct way to configure this evaluation process.

The availability of capital from the financial market makes it possible to conduct refinancing operations on new composed assets. Considering this, EOS – thanks to its accreditation with all of the main financial institutions – is also an important lever for the efficient and coordinated management of the M&A process and of the successive refinancing.

Ultimately, the EOS of tomorrow will be the sector’s essential reference point because we remain true to our commitment, ensuring that the possibility to fight for a better and more sustainable world continues to exist. In this world, ideas, projects, growth and development are the keys to success for the future.

Company: EOS Consulting S.p.A.
Name: Eng. Emanuele Riccobene CEO
Address: MILAN, Via Giorgio
Giulini, 2 – 20123 Italy
Telephone: +39 02 0061 99 00