As one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies, NGEN Communications knows what it takes to drive business growth. Thus, having helped emerging brands across a vast selection of industries to achieve their potential through comprehensive marketing strategies, NGEN is this year being recognised as the Best Full-Service Marketing & Advertising Agency 2021 of Canada at the AI Global Excellence Awards.

A full-service, fully resourced strategic advertising and marketing agency of Ontario, Canada, NGEN Communications is an award-winning agency that helps companies to reach their growth potential by creating ‘relevance’ and ‘consideration’ for their emerging brands. In doing so, NGEN makes brands that are connected and relatable to their clients – making them ‘relevant’ – and that are always in mind when making a decision – as an object of ‘consideration’ – as they as brands become known on national and international platforms.

NGEN’s global team of strategic thinkers and passionate doers employ vast expertise to offer a comprehensive set of marketing and advertising services designed to achieve the firm’s central mission of growth. Those services can be broken down into five core categories.



Strategic Marketing enables those clients who can’t afford a full marketing department to still benefit from strategies which are crucial for innovation and growth. Within Strategic Marketing, clients are able to take advantage of the resources and expertise of a full team of planners and strategists through a single point of contact, who is dedicated to providing support and advice on market research and trends, business opportunities and insights, consumer and user behaviours and analytics, sales growth strategies and more.

Creative Design underlines the importance of how first impressions and attention to detail can influence people and consumers, and offers expert services that cover corporate and product branding, 3D visuals, packaging and presentation, and visual identity development. For the team at NGEN, Creative Design is about so much more than creating beautiful images and emotive language. It is about blending design thinking with a profound knowledge of the human psychology, to create visuals that promote awareness and interest so as to trigger real action.

Advertising and Communications is focused on making an impact which lasts, by delivering messages in a way that is unique, fresh, smart, provocative and inspiring. The NGEN team works with clients to find the solution or combination of solutions that best expresses the message that their brand seeks to communicate, offering creative concepts and integrated multi-channel campaigns as well as film, publishing, internal campaigns, photography, print, TV and streaming, and so much more.

Digital and Online Presence is a service that is only growing in importance for NGEN and its clients, as the connectivity of modern consumerism means that everything is now available on demand and in real-time. NGEN is experienced in turning interactions into conversions, supporting clients as they create digital campaigns and employ a myriad of digital tools such as social media management, bespoke mobile app creation and marketing automation to enhance the online presence of its clients.

Last, but by no means least, is NGEN’s Experiential and Promotion Services which utilises mass media to spread the word about brands and products. Through events, workshops, one-to-one meetings, contests and more, NGEN helps clients to create platforms for direct conversation with their own clients, enabling true brand connectivity with its people, which ultimately drives brand growth.

That is, after all, the fundamental objective of all five of NGEN’s comprehensive service categories. It is itself an emerging company with ambitions for significant and sustainable growth that has seen NGEN earn its place among the Canadian Business and Maclean’s Growth 500 – Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies, alongside a myriad of international and national accolades. Consequently, the team at NGEN is able to employ a consultative and collaborative approach that knows the challenges faced by emerging companies, having faced them itself.

As a result, NGEN embraces each challenge in every project, taking each one as an opportunity to think creatively and to take on responsibility as if it were for the team’s own business. Always with total respect for the needs, wants, and budgets of clients, NGEN employs the collective expertise of its professionals who bring global experience in strategy, design, communications, public relations, technology, animation, film and photography, and so much more to deliver fully integrated, effective marketing and advertising solutions. Within every project, the heart, soul, expertise and business acumen of every member of the NGEN team is clear to see.



This passion and creativity are instilled into an approach that is broken down into three core strategies: we must understand; stand for something; and do something outstanding. These three steps outline the framework for how the NGEN team gets to know a client and their business and what their aspirations for that business are, how it can identify the opportunities that facilitate the achievement of those aspirations, and how it is all brought together and rolled out in an effective marketing or advertising strategy and campaign.

Acting either as an extension of the marketing department of its clients or on a project by project or performance-based model, NGEN works flexibly to suit the needs of its clients. Consequently, clients are able to rely on the NGEN team as a partner providing resources and assets like thought leadership, creative problem solving and proficient marketing strategies to deliver tangible and sustainable results in the form of increased sales, greater brand awareness, increased efficiency in getting to market, better convenience and much, much more besides.

This client-centric approach is one that is championed throughout NGEN, beginning from the top. Joe Grasso, President and Business Director of NGEN utilises his excess of twenty-five years in marketing, sales, supply management, technology implementation and process reengineering to provide the strategic direction for clients in emerging brands looking to realise their full market potential. Meanwhile, Dion Widrich, Vice-President of Operations and Co-Founder of NGEN, also boasts an established career within the industry of business growth, which he uses to manage the development of NGEN as an organisation, as it manages the development of others.

Together, Joe and Dion lead an organisation with growth at its heart that has worked with a diverse range of national and international brands such as Canon, Porsche, Benecaid, Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, Bento Sushi and CA Computer Associates. Driven by values of Passion, Teamwork, Performance, Curiosity, and Integrity, NGEN’s growth extends to it’s reputation, which has been instrumental in earning the company a roster of accolades, to which it is able to add to this year with the AI 2021 Global Excellence Award for Best Full-Service Marketing and Advertising Agency of Canada. There is little doubt that we can expect to see continued success from NGEN as it continues on its exciting journey of growth.

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