Xactly Right


Cloud based solution firm Xactly announce new Strategic Services product which helps customers to optimise their sales compensation.

The new service offering draws upon decades of compensation expertise and empirical big data intelligence to help customers optimize their sales compensation initiatives.

By using Xactly Strategic Services customers can move beyond traditional compensation approaches to design and manage programs that improve both employee engagement and business results.

The company has invited established sales compensation expert Robert Blohm to lead the practice. Blohm commented on the new product.

‘Incentive compensation is an incredibly strategic and critical lever to drive behavior, not only in sales, but across nearly any discipline in an organization. Strategic Services will help our customers reach a new level of success by reimagining how they design and manage incentive programs.’

The program of services included in Xactly Strategic Services includes ICM Program Optimization, which helps customers measure success by auditing current compensation initiatives, as well as defining program and process goals so they can leverage sales compensation as a strategic performance tool.

Additionally there is a Sales Compensation Plan Design service offered which allows customers to leverage big data and advanced analytics in order to create best practice plans that drive engagement. Through this process, the Strategic Services team will monitor plan performance to address challenges and ensure continued alignment of results with corporate goals.

Customers are also able to compare their initiatives with current compensation data within their industry to better understand and design programs based on best practices. This peer reviewing process allows users of the new service to utilise big data to place themselves accurately within the market.