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In today’s world, the climate crisis is the most pressing issue – it’s on every news channel, in every newspaper, and is talked about throughout social media. In order to tackle this issue, new solutions must come forward. Providing one of these solutions is Kew Technology, the Most Outstanding Sustainable Energy Technology Firm 2022 – UK.

Climate change is a global issue – it effects everyone – meaning that no longer can people remain ignorant or turn away from the matter. It’s not going to go away. There are several ways that we, as an international community, can reduce the impact – however, a great amount of this responsibility falls upon global corporations, some of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide and pollutants. Henceforth, many businesses are turning towards sustainable energy in order to drastically reduce their carbon footprint, and, in turn, their contributions to a crisis.

A pioneer within the sustainable energy sector, KEW Technology has brought forth a new way of implementing green practices within businesses. KEW Technology envisions a world that has surpassed the need for fossil fuels. Through utilising advanced technologies and development capabilities, the innovator recycles waste and biomass-based feedstocks into advanced sustainable energy products, providing the end product to its clients to bolster the use of eco-friendly production methods. Consequently, KEW Technology is at the epicentre of two parallel market revolutions: the drive to zero carbon emissions and the shift to a zero-waste circular economy.

Of course, this ties into KEW Technology’s mission to push the world towards zero carbon through targeting households and industries, including the transport sector, and introducing them to green energy and helping them decarbonise. Supported by its co-founders at the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) – a partnership between the UK Government, BP, Rolls Royce, Shell, Caterpillar and E.ON – KEW Technology certainly has the momentum and funding to make this goal a reality. The company is further backed by the Department for Transport, Department for International Development, and more.

In June 2021, SHV Energy and KEW Technology announced a partnership, culminating in the creation of Circular Fuels Ltd. The joint venture, which was launched in early 2022, will develop renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) production plants. The unique collaboration endeavours to demonstrate the viability of converting renewable and recycled carbon feedstock into renewable liquid gas. Moreover, the partnership has spawned a multimillion-pound investment which will aid the setup of the venture, and leverage KEW’s proprietary advanced gasification technology to develop renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) production plants worldwide.

This feeds back into the creation of a circular economy, which, in turn, is leading to a zero-waste process. In addition, it links to – what has been coined – the ‘energy trilemma.’ The energy trilemma encompasses affordability, sustainability, and energy within the production and delivery of energy, which are the three core issues that are currently rife within the sector. KEW Technology strikes a balance between each pillar, redefining what each means within the world today. Simply, KEW Technology is entirely unique, it is changing how the sustainable energy market operates, and it is doing this not only for the betterment of the industry, but also for the planet.

Most of these operations take place at KEW Technology’s world-class, commercial-scale plant, which spent over 10 years in development and required over £20 million in investments. The state-of-the-art facility serves as the home for KEW Technology’s process, which converts non-recyclable wastes and low-grade biomass into sustainable energy products, such as rDME (an LPG and diesel substitute), hydrogen, heat, and advanced fuels. This process takes place across three steps.

Firstly, KEW Technology focuses on feedstock preparation, this involves the use of all types of residual waste, non-recyclable resources, and biomass as fuel. From there, it moves towards stage two, which is known as Advanced Pressurised Gasification. This stage takes place under elevated pressure and a high temperature thanks to a fluidised bed, this encourages the feedstock to breakdown and produce syngas (synthesis gas). The harmful particles are then filtered, from which a gas composition is created. At this stage, the product serves as a perfect natural gas substitute for energy intensive industries.

The last stage the product goes through is Syngas Reformation. The patented equilibrium approaches a reformer, which then breaks the gas down even further in order to cultivate hydrogen-rich syngas that are ideal for energy applications because of the clean, consistent output composition. Such syngas can be used in chemical feedstock, power, heat and reductant gas applications, sustainable fuels, sustainable jet fuels, and hydrogen fuels.

Indeed, KEW Technology is unlocking the future of the hydrogen economy. It is the epitome of sustainable energy, devoting itself entirely to creating a method that can ensure the security of the energy industry. As such, it is most deserving of the title Most Outstanding Sustainable Energy Technology Firm 2022 – UK.

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