Zhong Lun Law Firm is a top-tier Chinese law firm based in Beijing with multiple offices at China’s major cities as well as in New York, London and Tokyo. Senior Partner Jihong Wang gives us an exciting glimpse into the firm’s work.

Founded in 1993, Zhong Lun is one of the largest law firms providing a complete spectrum of legal services in China. Our team focuses on providing comprehensive legal solutions to clients in the field of PPP (Public-Private-Partnership), infrastructure, energy, M&A and environment. Additionally we have also accumulated abundant experiences in arbitration and litigation in this regard.

Currently, the Chinese legal market is undergoing a number of changes, primarily in terms of legislation and public legal awareness. As the world’s second largest economy, China also has a thriving and mature legal market.

In addition to these legislative changes, our region is currently experiencing growth in a number of markets. Alongside the infrastructure industry, which remains one of the main drivers of economic growth, consumer and service industries are also expanding, due to natural market conditions as well as Chinese policies towards promoting internal growth.

Advanced technology sectors are also on the rise as China transitions move away from a manufacturing-based economy. In this regard, IP-related services will be a new growth point for firms participating in the Chinese legal market.

There are also several sectors that are particularly promising to foreign investors within our region and which we have endeavoured to focus on in order to grow as a business. For example, China’s consistent need for infrastructure presents opportunities for foreign investors to participate in PPPs. As our country’s consumer and services sectors are growing there is room for expansion in that area, providing foreign investors with a unique opportunity to invest in a dynamic and growing market.

In addition, Healthcare is another promising area for foreign investors because foreign healthcare providers, such as providers of elderly care as well as pharmaceutical companies, are more sophisticated than their domestic counterparts. Similarly, the Chinese technology market has demonstrated high demand for the advanced technology held by foreign companies, as the demand for new technological capabilities increases.

It is our market strength that has helped to ensure that Zhong Lun has exhibited strong growth during the past several years. 2014 witnessed a 40% increase in financial performance from the previous year. According to our database, the financial performance of Zhong Lun for the first nine months of 2015 has also increased forty percent from the first nine months of 2014.

Many additional factors have also helped to promote our financial success, including the abundant opportunities provided by the Chinese market as well as our emphasis on accumulating high quality partners and associates. Additionally, our performance during the past few years has earned Zhong Lun widespread recognition, including many well-regarded domestic and international awards, further promoting our status in the Chinese market, particularly to foreign enterprises.

This success and recognition could not have been possible without the strong network of legal professionals that we work alongside and the cooperation between teams working across our various offices and fields. Our collaborative approach is an important part of working practice as it ensures that we maintain our status at the top of our industry by keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and developments.

It is this approach and our strong experience across the Chinese legal market which enables us to address our clients’ needs creatively and efficiently.

Looking to the future, the foreign investors looking to capitalise on the exciting investment opportunities outlined within this article are going to require the expertise and regional knowledge of local legal services. As one of China’s largest and most well-known law firms, Zhong Lun provides comprehensive legal services and are able to utilise our vast professional network to ensure that our clients receive a tailored service which suits their individual needs. Additionally, we provide comprehensive plans to structuring business and investment strategies so that our client’s investment plans are supported in the long term.

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