WEBSTER is one of the top legal firms in the Caribbean, offering a range of high quality legal services to a variety of clients. We speak to Sarah Barrington and Delora Anderson who talk us through how the firm’s dedication to client service and high quality has contributed to their success.

WEBSTER is a firm of Barristers and Solicitors with principal offices in Anguilla, British West Indies and Nevis, West Indies, providing true global reach and delivering the highest standards of advice and service to diverse local and international clientele. 

Despite this broad range of specialisms the firm is dedicated to providing its clients with cross-border advice and a creative approach to problem solving and strategic planning and has a total and sustained commitment to satisfying clients’ needs in achieving the right commercial outcome.

In order to achieve this the practice takes its corporate social responsibility extremely seriously and values equality and diversity. The firm has experience in international corporate and trust structuring.

To maintain their reputation as a solid choice of firm to turn to for advice on wealth preservation matters, WEBSTER has positioned themselves as uniquely qualified to assess the political and constitutional driving forces liable to affect our clients’ commercial activities in Anguilla. As such the firm is able to provide its clients with carefully considered guidance through even the most complex situations.

Working in the Eastern Caribbean provides us with a number of opportunities. For example, recent data we have collected suggests that there is increased migration of corporate and commercial finance and registered office facilities matters from other jurisdictions, which will ultimately provide us with greater opportunities for growth into these areas in the future.

Moving forward the firm is keen to continue developing their range of specialisms so that they can continually provide their clients with the best quality service.

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Company:        WEBSTER

Name:              Sarah Barrington & Delora Anderson

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Address: Victoria House, The Valley, Anguilla

Telephone:       1 264 461 2060