What Cruise Agents Can Do To Increase Revenue In 2020

Every year, millions of people plan vacations to break out of their daily routines. It’s nice to get away and avoid handling your usual responsibilities — especially if vacation staff members prepare everything you could need while you’re away.

That’s a significant reason why so many people book cruise trips all year round. They get to visit multiple locations, eat as much as they want and enjoy many amenities all for one price. Most travel agents know how to accommodate guests and give them an unforgettable getaway. Still, an agent can do more to make those cruises happen.

Read on to learn about what cruise agents can do to increase revenue in 2020. With the right strategies in mind, you’ll book more cruises in the coming year and turn first-timers into repeat customers.

1. Find First-Time Cruise Customers

Cruise agents value clients who come back for more travel after previous trips. They might buy a smaller, more affordable cruise packages at first and slowly venture their way into the more expensive ones. That’s a big bonus for building a long-term relationship with a client. To begin, cruise agents should work on finding first-time cruise customers in 2020.

It’s a widespread myth that first-time clients will only get the cheapest packages. First-timers start at every level of the market if you know when to bring up the idea of a cruise. When a new client sits down to talk about vacation options, mention several cruise packages and show them how they can enjoy all the features of a traditional vacation on a cruise ship.

2. Mention Kid-Friendly Cruise Features

Families are a considerable part of the cruise audience. Parents know their kids can run around and stay safe on the ship while remaining close to their parents and their family’s room.

Cruise brands know how important it is to keep kids entertained, which is why many feature new kid-friendly fun for all ages at all times of the day. Lifeguards watch over the kiddie pools, and performers like singers, magicians and comedians entertain them from the stage. Babysitting services are also available for the little ones, while teenagers can visit game arcades for virtual reality fun. Tote these features to potential guests as a must-have in their vacation package.

3. Advertise the Destination

Sometimes people get nervous about the idea of hanging around on the cruise ship. They might worry they’ll run out of things to do or not enjoy the experience of being out at sea. Worries are distracting, so remind them of all the luxuries awaiting them when the ship docks.

People choose a cruise because they want to travel to a vacation destination they wouldn’t see otherwise. Whether they plan to see Jamaica, Vienna or Alaska, cruise ship guests will spend the most time at the ship’s destination — so make it an enticing one. Figure out what your client would enjoy doing back on land to encourage them to book the cruise and cherish the full experience. 

4. Promote Vow Renewals

Many couples chat with travel agents about celebrating their long-lasting marriages via second honeymoons and romantic vow renewals. They might want a small ceremony on the beach with a waterfront background to their photos — which is the perfect time for agents to mention cruises as an option.

Cruises are the perfect way to promote vow renewal ceremonies because they have everything in one neat ensemble. The couple gets to travel the world, see romantic cities and even buy a pre-organized renewal package for themselves and a few guests. Some packages also include amenities like free champagne and a ceremony performed by the ship’s captain, so it’s more inclusive than a regular vacation. 

5. Prepare High-Quality Photos

It’s hard for people to imagine what a cruise is like when they haven’t been on one before. Before your next client stops by, prepare high-quality photos of different voyages. Show clients the spa they could relax in or the sparkling waters at the cruise’s destination. Good images can change a client’s mind by helping them picture themselves enjoying what the journey has to offer. Make the experience real, and it will be hard for them to resist leaving your office without a ticket in hand.

6. Talk About Their Bucket List

Even though a cruise is all-inclusive, some people may wait to book their spot on a ship. They might feel like it’s still too expensive or not exciting enough. If you have a client that feels this way, ask them about their bucket list to see how a cruise trip might help check some of those boxes.

Depending on which package they book, they could pick a bucket list cruise that caters to their lifelong dreams. Literary cruises might interest writers or readers, while world-traveler at heart may love the idea of a cruise that stops in several countries. You can also take a closer look at what each ship offers, like cooking classes with a celebrity chef or multiple concerts from a particular band.

Connect With Clients Personally

Get to know your clients so that you can find the best cruise trip for them. Figure out their bucket list, get to know their family or discuss if they’d like to renew their vows or recreate their honeymoon. These personal details will help cruise agents to tailor their 2020 vacation packages to their clients’ needs so that they enjoy their trip and come back to book another.