Doctors talking with each other with the TIPS logo on the side

TIPS SA, as ‘2022’s Leading Healthcare ICT Solutions Company’ for Latin America, has made itself an innovative, ingenuity-powered, and people-first business taking hospitals into the future. Its educational, technologically front-running, and clinical efforts streamline all elements of patient care from outpatient care to hospitalization, emergency care, home care, day hospital, operating room management, chemical laboratory practice, imaging, and more, creating systems that get rid of all unnecessary bloatware.

An information technology company applied to health, TIPS SA is one of the most important business units of its kind, and a foremost cornerstone of the Hospital Privado Universitario de Córdoba. Furthermore, TIPS SA is totally made up of an interdisciplinary group of systems that allow it to corner highly variant and diverse elements of the market, covering a variety of different elements when it comes to comprehensive services and solutions, such as prevention and complex care. Working with private and public healthcare both, it plies its trade to create an attitude of the highest responsibility and utmost efficiency, allowing it to effectively become a front runner in information and communication technology in healthcare.

From administration to healthcare, promotion, building solutions, increased patient safety, increased quality of care, updates to certain healthcare facilities, continuity of care, and even operational efficiency, it takes care of all manner of operational elements for its clients. Its solutions are more than satisfactory when it comes to healthcare, teaching, and research because of this. In short, it can take any number of processes, and in the application of its ICT services, better it in terms of efficiency and execution both, working with an institutional mindset and perspective as it does so.

Thanks to the computerization of the Hospital Privado Universitario de Córdoba, TIPS SA can now provide a much higher quality of care to its patients, promoting efficient hospital management, the growth of its activities, and an overall better healthcare experience for both the public and staff. After all, it is from the ICT department of this hospital that TIPS SA was born. Nominally, it wishes for every hospital to be able to have access to the services it has been able to implement for the institution in which it was founded; this would allow them to benefit accordingly from the resulting multi-level, highly complex, and incredibly well-evolved internal processes involved.

Moreover, evolving such processes allows healthcare institutions to gain a complex and comprehensive understanding of the challenges that individual healthcare providers and the wider industry face. Understanding this – both in the role of the provider and insurer – allows TIPS SA’s clients to easier empathise with their fellow professionals, making for a resulting growth spurt born from provable expertise and more accurate forecasting. Indeed, the growth it has maintained has allowed it to make significant positive change to not just medical institutes in its region, but also across Latin America, following its institutional mission to provide the best solutions to the health system.

Indeed, this mission has remained with it since the beginning, and the continuity within itself has ensured that it can offer the same level of dependability to its clients. Making itself a benchmark for industry standards, it hopes that by leading by example, its peers are inspired to follow in its footsteps towards better international healthcare that puts the patients first, and makes life easier for staff by streamlining and digitizing relevant processes. This action and its implementation are made possible through experience, dedication to service, and constant innovation, resulting in highly modern organisation and a solid foundation. Critically, the commitment that it shows to keeping these values intact as its pillars mean that it can always keep its people at the forefront of its work – peers, partners, and patients alike – make it a highly motivated cornerstone of industry.

Moreover, the emphasis that TIPS SA puts on trust, motivation, and commitment sets it apart from its peers. With this as its unique selling point, and under the vision of promoting quality about all else, its interdisciplinary team of professionals guide the future of industry with expert hands that care about the shape they are morphing the sector into. The implementation and development of these new solutions, it hopes, will form the bedrock of the new paradigm it wishes to emerge, one in which challenges can be tackled head-on, without nearly as much time sunk into the resolution, allowing specialist professionals to turn focus back on the patient.

The medical ‘know how’, therefore, that runs within its team has been purpose built to be impeccable. After all, to serve an industry, one must know an industry, and TIPS SA has worked hard to be able to be an empathic and understanding resource for the practitioners using it, carrying an innate medical excellence within its DNA upon which the actual technology is built. Inspiring people to feel more in control of their work, enhancing their efforts, and making themselves part of a common process, it believes that no singular person within its ranks is more important than anyone else in order to foster the same sort of staff appreciation in its clients.

Nominally, its multidisciplinary and diverse team is celebrated for their differences in fields and backgrounds. Thusly, everyone has an equally weighty voice within the business, and it is passionate about the technology and health specialties that come about as a direct result of this diversity, things that would absolutely not exist without the input of people from all areas of the medical and information technology industry. Despite the impacts of Covid-19 – one of the biggest challenges to the medical industry in a very long time – this company and its staff have used the unity integral to the business to push through, empowering patients through rapid communication and staff through eliminating bloatware.

With all-new solutions from the Patient Communicated program to the obese patients program, adult control program, follow up programs, and more, it has been blazing a trail towards further success by using the IoT. In this manner, it hopes to continue innovating with its up-and-coming self-service care management app, and looks forward to continuing to help its clients implement the latest and greatest healthcare services into their businesses as the world continues to evolve.

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