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Startup companies in the information technology sector need space to collaborate and innovate. In-person and remote meetings require a specialized office, but new businesses may not be able to invest in a permanent location. These are the best eight coworking spaces for tech startups because they include everything a company needs without a traditional lease.

1. SOMACentral (California)

Tech startups will find a collaborative environment in SOMACentral’s three California locations. Employees close to Menlo Park, Townsend Street and Sacramento street can work in a private office or secluded desk. The SOMACentral founders created their offices to serve technology and creative teams, so professionals can find the supplies and space they need for their specific projects.


2. Galvanize (U.S.)

Anyone looking to refine their coding skills and work away from home for the day can check out Galvanize. This coworking company built locations across the country to train students via immersive boot camps and give them rentable spaces to work. Flexible memberships work from month to month so everyone has the freedom to work wherever and whenever they want.


3. HackerLab (California)

HackerLab’s Sacramento location has everything tech startups need to work in an affordable office space. Their private offices eliminate distractions and increase productivity, even if employees only use their premium desks.


4. TechHub (Worldwide)

When people rent a coworking space in one of TechHub’s worldwide offices, they’ll be among similarly skilled people. The company only rents to people employed in the tech industry so experts can collaborate with leaders and innovators in real time without a third party introducing them.


5. TechSpace (U.S.)

Located on both coasts and in the central U.S., TechSpace has offices in major business hubs. Public transportation makes them easy to access and flexible leasing terms ensure that they’re easier to work with. After people use their collaborative furniture to streamline projects while staying comfortable, it’s easy to see why this company has some of the best coworking spaces for tech startups.


6. Plexal (London)

After the 2012 London Olympics moved out of town, Plexal converted their media center into its coworking space. Within its mini-city of workshop spaces, technology labs and an indoor park, startups will find amenities and resources designed exclusively for the tech world.


7. Workhaus (Toronto)

Workhaus has multiple office spaces within downtown Toronto for tech startups. There’s plenty of space for individuals and growing companies, plus in-house events available to renters who want to learn more about the entrepreneurial world.


8. The Hive Central (Hong Kong)

Fintech startups will find a home in The Hive Central. This coworking company’s Hong Kong headquarters has affordable spaces for employees to tackle projects. It also has special programs available, such as prototyping designers and videography studios so startups don’t have to outsource to launch products or services.


Find Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups

These eight coworking spaces for tech startups make it simple to find a physical location to work anywhere in the world. Business owners and employees can meet, grow and learn more about their field without ever signing a long-term lease for a permanent office that doesn’t include unique spaces and perks like these companies do.