Concept of a yongu business man scribbling a visiual business strategy

Are you tired of relying on just one or two techniques for building your customer base and expanding email lists? Why not use some of the newer, innovative strategies that entrepreneurs all over the world are discovering? At first, these fresh approaches call for some focused effort on your part, but after a while they’ll become much easier to inject into your marketing processes. The whole point is to stay cost-effective when searching for new business. If it costs you $1,000 to bring on two new accounts that are worth half that much in bottom line profits, the effort was probably wasted. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to know which clients will stick around and become long-term loyalists, so there’s always a judgment call involved. Here are a few methods for acquiring new customers, no matter what line of business you’re in.


Calculate Promotional Costs

Here’s a twist on an old technique: continue to use paid online ads but don’t make any buys until you calculate the total promotional cost. Too many owners dive into a digital advertising strategy without knowing if it is a winner or what their break-even point is. In addition to ad prices, for example, owners incur expenses in the form of salaries for graphic designers, copy writers, and content creators. It’s imperative to include all the peripheral costs that go into each ad. Only then can you know whether a given promotional campaign paid for itself in terms of new sales.


Lower Your Personal Expenses

Take the focus off the business for a minute and get your personal finances in order. That way, there’s potential for having access to more monthly cash. It’s up to you to decide how much of your personal funds to drill back into the business, but if the money isn’t there, you don’t even have the choice. One of the fastest and most efficient ways to chop a significant chunk off your personal monthly budget is to consolidate student loans via a private lender. It’s a simple enough task to use a student loan calculator and find out how much you can reduce the monthly total with a consolidation. Chances are, you’ll pay less overall and will gain access to a larger amount of cash for use in your company.


Offer Exit Coupons

Consider setting your website up so that any visitor sees an exit coupon before they leave. Many of the largest corporations use this method to great advantage. One of the benefits is that costs are low making this a great way to raise your business reputation while keeping in mind your budget. Also, results are easy to track, the technology is simple, and you can use multiple exit coupons to attract different client demographics.


Solicit Feedback

Customer feedback and comments are extremely valuable. Unfortunately, what you see on review sites might not represent valid, authentic user experiences. Instead, ask your customers directly if they’d be willing to offer their opinions about a particular transaction. Try choosing a representative cross section of buyers so you get a realistic representation of opinions. What to do with the information? Fine tune websites, landing pages, product designs, prices, refund policies, shopping cart functions, and anything else that seems to appear regularly in customer feedback comments.