Are you looking to sell your business? Lion Business Brokers can ensure that you and your business move throughout the sales process without a hitch, offering you premium services that are supplied by its team of industry experts. As such, Lion Business Brokers has earned the accolade of M&A Advisors of the Year 2022 – USA for its devotion to producing and delivering quality.

Headquartered in Texas, Lion Business Brokers is a trusted and well-established figure within the mergers and acquisitions industry, boasting a portfolio filled with high-value projects. The company focuses on business sales, business valuations, and of course, mergers and acquisitions, with the customer’s needs always being its main priority. Indeed, Lion Business Brokers bears a fiduciary responsibility to its clients; if the client does not have a successful exit, Lion Business Brokers does not have a successful engagement. With years of experience under its belt, the company is able to secure the very best solutions that offer premium results, tying into its goal to obtain maximum value for its clients.

Since its founding, Lion Business Brokers has had the opportunity to represent a diverse array of businesses, the names of which it keeps confidential. However, the company does showcase a summary of businesses that it has previously represented, including service, construction, distribution, manufacturing, and retail organisations. Within these areas, Lion Business Brokers has worked with day cares, landscaping businesses, florists, bars, and much more, resulting in a vibrant and varied portfolio. Lion Business Brokers considers itself to be a generalist broker practice, which has cultivated an audience filled with a wide range of buyers looking for quality businesses to purchase.

Not only does Lion Business Brokers support sellers, but it also provides buyer representation. Developed for those looking to bolster their net worth through the purchase of a business, its buyer representation services provide clients with access to businesses that are perfect for them. This is one of many benefits that come along with hiring a business broker. In short, Lion Business Brokers’ service is simple: it acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller, which then translates to greater ease and fewer issues with the buying process. The company’s team are skilled in negotiation, business valuations, and acquisition, meaning that clients can be sure that they receive a confidential and professional buying experience.

Lion Business Brokers credits its team with the success of the business, explaining that the team places what’s best for the client as a greater priority than their commissions. Passionate about what they do, the team work hard to achieve better results for their clients, maintaining the exceptionally high standards laid out by the business. The team consists of alumni from the University of Texas, Baylor University, and Concordia University of Texas, and boasts decades of combined experience, with staff coming from accomplished backgrounds. Henceforth, it could be said that Lion Business Brokers has employed the best of the best.

The company prides itself on providing an unmatched level of service, and this is truly thanks to the Lion Business Brokers team. Approaching its clients with a world-class attitude, Lion Business Brokers represents its clients with passion and integrity, which has created a positive reputation for the business. The five-star business has garnered a plethora of positive reviews, with clients praising each aspect of the business and its team. One example, left by a Private Equity Firm Managing Partner, reads as follows:

‘I have worked with Joshua on several projects. Joshua is a skilled intermediary who represents his clients well to the private equity community. He also does a good job with respect to educating his first-time sellers on the process and what to expect. We look forward to working with Joshua again.’

With business exploding in the post-Covid era, Lion Business Brokers can expect to delve into even greater success, as there are more active buyers in the market today than there have been in decades. Thanks to this saturation, Lion Business Brokers will have the opportunity to further diversify its work. The company’s future certainly looks bright, as there are dozens of plans in place that will lead to expansion and subsequent evolution. In a market that is currently increasing in size, this will be an exceptional advantage, pushing the company leagues ahead of its competitors.

M&A Advisors of the Year 2022 – USA is a title that captures the heart of what Lion Business Brokers does. The company deserves this title as it exceeds customer expectations and sets the standard for the wider market, serving as an example for other mergers and acquisitions businesses. In essence, the future of the industry lies with Lion Business Brokers.

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