Covid-19 rapidly spread across the world and became a global pandemic. Hundreds of millions of people became infected, with millions being forced to take a leave of absence from their jobs due to symptoms.

While some people may recover from Covid-19 rather quickly, others may never fully recover.

Long-term symptoms may linger for months or possibly even years. Long-term impairment may result from contracting the virus. As such, some employees may need to apply for long-term disability after they have been infected with the Coronavirus.

Here, we will focus on the reasons for LTD claim denials for Covid-19 long haulers.


How can I know whether I’m eligible for Covid-19 long-term disability?

You should keep very detailed notes of all of your symptoms. Doing so will increase the chances that you will qualify for your Covid-19 long-term disability claim. The process is similar for people who suffer from chronic pain disorders or chronic fatigue syndrome.

If you have any certifications that confirm that you have had the virus, you should also provide them to your insurance company.

Gather any relevant reports and provide tangible proof of your medical expenses, including medical bills. You should also provide your insurer with your medical leave records as well.

If you have friends or family members who have submitted a long-term disability claim due to the Coronavirus in the past, then you can ask them for guidance. They will help explain the legal process and the pitfalls that you need to avoid to help you qualify.


What are the Covid-19 long haulers’ debilitating symptoms?

Covid-19 sufferers have reported a wide array of psychological and physiological symptoms after having contracted the deadly virus.

Many of the symptoms they have reported have been so severe that they have been debilitating. Many patients cannot even get out of bed to eat, let alone work.

Some of the most common symptoms reported by Covid-19 long haulers include headaches, dizziness and chronic fatigue. Some have also reported severe chest pain, as well as joint and muscle aches and pains.

Persistent shortness of breath has also been reported by some Covid-19 long haulers, which can be both terrifying and agonizing.

As far as cognitive symptoms are concerned, some patients with Covid-19 have reported that they are no longer able to perform many tasks at once.

Many experience what is best described as brain fog. They are unable to think clearly or form coherent sentences. They may have trouble concentrating or focusing and may feel dazed, delirious or confused at times.

Some medical studies have also found a causal link between Covid-19 and diabetes. There may also be an increased risk for hypertension, heart disease and other dangerous disorders and diseases.

Some scientists have even claimed that patients who have recovered from Covid had lower IQ test scores. Given the fact that Covid-19 is a relatively novel virus, we still do not know the long-term ramifications of the virus.


What should I do if my Covid long-term disability application is denied?

If your insurance provider denies your claim, then you will need to provide clear evidence that the infection has made it very hard for you to work at a normal level or capacity.

You will also need to provide a medical diagnosis that proves that you have been infected with the Coronavirus.

You will also need to demonstrate that the virus has caused you to be mentally or physically disabled and that the disability will last for at least 12 months.

If your claim is rejected, then you will need to appeal the decision. You will need to provide as much evidence as possible before you appeal their decision. You will need to gather lab results and medical notes to prove that you are disabled.

You also need to prove that the disability that you are currently suffering from will last for a prolonged period of time and that Covid-19 directly caused your long-term disability.


Keep Fighting

If you have become disabled due to the Coronavirus, you will likely be in a lot of pain, and you may also feel drained and hopeless. Working with a disability attorney may help you obtain the aid that you need and deserve. They will help you file your long-term disability claim.

Covid-19 can have long-term consequences on your mental and physical health, and may drastically affect your financial wellbeing. A disability lawyer will create a plan that is tailored to your unique situation.

They may help you win your case so that you can focus on making a full recovery instead of worrying about your financial status. With new variants being discovered, it is important to remain vigilant and continue fighting for your rights.