Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is either going to make the world better or it’s going to take over and render us obsolete. The former is more likely, but we can’t rule out the latter scenario, according to Elon Musk. Whatever the impact on life after AI becomes ubiquitous, the reality is that this type of technology is improving at an exponential rate.

The latest example of AI’s potential hit the headlines in early 2023. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that’s capable of holding realistic conversations, writing stories and, perhaps most startlingly, passing medical exams. The future is now when it comes to AI. As a business owner or entrepreneur, it would be crazy not to seize this opportunity.

Three Awesome AI Business Tools

To seize this opportunity, you need to know what’s available. There are, as you’d imagine, hundreds of products that can help you as a business owner. We can’t list them all, but we have highlighted three easy ways you can enter the AI space. So, with this in mind, here are three ways you can use AI to improve your business.

1. Customer Service

We’ve referenced the chatbot ChatGPT, but you don’t need to go that advanced if you want AI to engage with customers. Products such as the Aisera AI Customer Service Chatbot can answer basic questions and help reduce the strain on human customer support agents. As per, AI chatbots are projected to increase company productivity by as much as 40%.

2. Names and Branding

AI can help you create a brand identity. Everything starts with a name, and you can use a generator to find the ideal brand name. According to, it takes consumers 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website. This means you need a catchy name and, in turn, memorable URL. An AI-powered business name generator generates 1,000+ names in a matter of seconds using the submitted keywords and available URLs.

3. Automated Marketing

Another useful application of AI technology in the world of business is marketing. AI can handle everything from marketing emails and social media posts to data analytics. As explained by, AI analytics uses machine learning to “discover insights” and find “new patterns” that companies can use to refine their marketing strategies. In short, AI-powered marketing can help you spot trends and create highly targeted content.

Embrace AI as a Modern Business Owner

AI is changing the game. We’re not at a point where computers control everything. We may never get to that point. However, there’s certainly a growing synergy between AI and business. Anyone who can harness the power of AI stands a good chance of getting ahead of the curve.

From increased productivity and improved branding to enhanced engagement, AI offers a number of benefits to the modern business owner. Therefore, the sooner you can embrace AI and incorporate the latest innovations into your business, the more chance your company has of thriving now and, more importantly, in the future.