A well-liked JS library for creating user interfaces is React. Developers must keep current on the most recent best practices to build effective and maintainable code as technology continues to advance. It’s critical to adhere to best practices if you want to use React in your projects in 2023 to make sure your code is readable, fast, and maintained. 

React Best Practices

Apply a Linter

Linting tools aid in enforcing uniform code standards throughout an entire project. You may, for instance, create rules that all programmers working on the project must follow using a tool. These could include requirements for things like single quotes, a particular naming policy, and the usage of double quotes rather than braces around arrow functions.

When a rule has been broken, the tool will alert you and monitor your code. You can quickly see and correct the problem since the line that deviates from the rule will be marked in red.

Convert CSS to JavaScript

The main method of project development is to store all CSS in a single SCSS file. Thus, such name conflicts may be avoided by adopting a single global prefix. However, in other situations, such as project scaling, this technique is not appropriate.

Creating a theme and a style during the development stage of a major project might be difficult. It’s difficult to manage massive SCSS files. The CSS-in-JS approach is a result of this. These libraries were developed using Glamorous, EmotionJS, and Styled components. Depending on the needs of your project hire dedicated ReactJS developers if you feel like you don’t know what to do.

Files Related to the Same Component Should Be Arranged in One Folder

Choose a component-centric folder structure for your React application. This entails placing every file about a certain component in a single folder.

make a folder called Navbar that contains the component file, the style sheet, and any additional JavaSript and asset files necessary to make a Navbar component, for instance. When a component’s files are all in one folder, it is easy to reuse, distribute, and debug it.

 You simply need to access one folder if you want to examine how a component functions.

Implement the React Memo 

To maximize efficiency, you must utilize the respond memo function. By avoiding pointless re-renders, the higher-order React memo function enables you to maximize the speed of your components. Only if the props or state supplied to a component wrapped in the memo function have changed will it re-render. This might be a helpful tool for improving the efficiency of your application, particularly if it has a complicated user interface (UI) or many components.

Youngsters’ Props

The material between opening and closing tags in exact JSX expressions is granted as a separate prop: props. children. It functions as a supporting element and prop for React. Children serve as a specific tool that is automatically sent to each component. When a component is invoked, the intention is to display the content contained within the opening and closing tags. It is also used in the technique for rendering material from one component within another component. Nevertheless, it is possible to use child props to pass functions. 

In a ReactJS Application, Managing the State

React state management is the process of managing the data that functional React components need to display themselves. This data is often stored in the component’s state object. If the state object changes, the component will redraw itself.

It has all the data. The second half is made up of the presentation, which also comprises the HTML, CSS, and formatting. The app’s presentation functionality depends on state and state management. 


Even though there are many different ways you may utilize React, there are certain best practices you should stick to to maximize your experience.

As certain React best practices may be more applicable in different settings, bear in mind your project and objectives when implementing these recommendations. For instance, a small team project with a constrained scope may not need as much folder structure as a huge project with many teams.