The concept of wellness has become more and more widely accepted in the world today as a standalone aspect of healthcare. Medicinal needs are one thing, but brain wellness and neuroscience can be a whole other area of specialism. Fortunately, the team at Privée Clinics have been working diligently in the field and Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson has subsequently been recognized as 2020’s Most Influential Brain Wellness and Addiction Expert – USA. We find out more about Privée Clinics following this success.

Since its inception and throughout its growth, Privée Clinics has been focused on the area of brain wellness and neuroscience, a speciality dedicated to optimizing brain performance, preventing diseases of the brain, and working to ensure the best life balance. It relies on a keen and deep understanding of how the brain the functions, nutrients that can enhance that functioning, and specialized procedures to enhance its metabolism. Taking care of the brain can result in greater levels of maintained vitality, vigour, and youthfulness in individuals from any background. Privée Clinics was founded with a simple mission, and one that has continued to be a part of its culture and ethos to this day: treat everyone as an individual and ensure they are cared for in four key areas.

Firstly, the team at Privée Clinics aims to achieve nothing but the best outcome in brain performance and wellness with each and every one of its clients. Nobody should have to live anything less than their best life, and impaired brain function can seriously jeopardize that. Secondly, the team works tirelessly to prevent diseases of the brain that can lead to a deterioration of lifestyle. Thirdly, Privée Clinics works to enhance the brain-body balance through a special combination of the very latest technologies and holistic treatments. All of this culminates in the fourth and final aim: optimize quality of life. The aim is for every patient at Privée Clinics to leave better than they came in and having a better brain-body balance is the key to a healthy life.

In the current climate, with the arrival of COVID-19 into many countries around the world, healthcare has been scrutinised carefully to ensure that the right steps and decisions are taken to optimize health and wellness. Privée Clinics is one such healthcare facility that can hold its head high and say that it has dealt with the spread of the virus as best it possibly could. It is outstanding for many reasons, but chief amongst the most relevant is that it is the world’s first anti-COVID clinic through technological advancements. Alongside this reason, Privée Clinics has also been recognised for being dedicated to the individual, treating each one specially to optimize their brain health, as well as offering immune protection against various microbial  diseases; thereby combining brain wellness with physical optimization techniques such as body sculpting, nutritional balance, and life coaching.

To bring the concept of Privée Clinics to life to a general audience, Prof Dr Bankole Johnson has just released the first in a series of three books, called Six Rings, in both English and Spanish, and in Kindle, Paperback, and Audiobook formats. Six Rings follows allegorical stories of a central character engaging with his clients in a highly personalized manner, using the best combination of the highest technology and holistic treatments, and illustratively weaving this with art and music, to make important impacts on the client’s brain wellness and wellbeing – just as might be experienced at Privée Clinics. Six Rings is available on amazon through

Intravenous Nutrition Therapy Room at Privée Clinics

Everybody should be able to receive the very best healthcare, and Privée Clinics has made sure that it is focused on that mission by anyone that walks through the doors. Successful people from all walks of life who are dedicated to getting the best out of themselves, and people who are dedicated to achieving the best state of wellness, mood equilibrium, and happiness are all welcome at Privée Clinics. Privée Clinics offer various techniques and technologies to provide stress relief, tension reduction, and achieve an optimum balance of mood to promote happiness.  

The company culture at Privée Clinics is one where staff are wholly dedicated every single day to providing the client with his or her best experience to promote happiness, vigour, and the experience of being completely cared for.  All of the staff at the firm are trained to focus on providing the best healthcare experience that any client will have ever had in their life, delivered by a personalized and private service where clients can feel at ease around their health care providers. Every team member ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to optimizing the complete experience of mind-body wellness. In everything they do, the staff are dedicated, resourceful, empowered, focused, caring, and engaging with clients –  treating them as valued people and as if they were members of their own close family.

Working for Privée Clinics requires all staff to go through a multi-process recruitment system that includes thorough screening, before being interviewed by every member of staff to ensure that any potential hires will maintain, and even augment the culture already in place. All staff are interviewed from the perspective of both a psychological match in terms of temperament to ensure that they can succeed when faced with any challenge that may come their way as well as clinical skills and technical acumen. For those staff who are weighing up several options, Privée Clinics also offers one of the most attractive compensation packages in the industry, to ensure that its staff choose the firm, as much as the firm chooses the staff.

Maintaining the highest quality of service is an intensive and continuously challenging process, with expectations rising with each and every encounter. Privée Clinics know that it cannot afford to perform anywhere under its best, always prioritizing the quality of products, materials, procedures, and people to provide the very best experience for clients. The firm is also focused on getting the most open and detailed feedback possible from clients to maintain the highest standards. Even when the standard is already at the highest level, the firm remains dedicated to finding even more innovative future enhancements of its processes and services.

Pursuing quality and excellence relentlessly, at each and at every step, Privée Clinics plans to expand its collection of clinics globally; thereby providing the opportunity for many others around the world to avail themselves of the outstanding services on offer. In doing so, the firm will raise the standards of healthcare across the industry, all in service and to the benefit of the clients that come in every single day. With the most extensive and sophisticated treatment modalities available in the industry today, Privée Clinics can offer its clients nothing but the best.

Delivering the best mix of science and nature for the best client outcome and experience, Privée Clinics is at the forefront of what the industry can offer in this day and age. Medicinal advancements and technological marvels can do wonders for humanity, and our brains that we so often put under needless stress and duress. Together with focussed and tested innovation and superb clinical expertise, Privée Clinics is an outstanding example of exactly what the healthcare industry can do when it is governed and delivered in the right way.

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