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Handling regulatory compliance can be a daunting task for any business, but BrightInsight shows its true power as it reaches numerous businesses – on a global level. Highly regarded and accepted by the FDA, and fully compliant to requirements and laws, BrightInsight has created a unique and revolutionary platform that has improved the healthcare industry. We speak to MD, CEO, and Co-Founder, Kal Patel, about BrightInsight as it wins Most Innovative Digital Health Solutions Platform 2022 – USA.

Established in 2018, BrightInsight has quickly become a global partner of many, and its monumental achievements are inspiring companies everywhere. By being user friendly and intuitive, BrightInsight has crafted a platform that makes a hugely positive impact on its customer’s problems.

Introducing BrightInsight to us, MD, CEO, and Co-Founder, Kal Patel, begins, “BrightInsight provides the leading global platform for biopharma and medtech regulated digital health solutions.” Offering a developed platform that has changed the way the medical industry works, BrightInsight has established a platform that promises security, privacy, and compliant digital health solutions.

Serving leading global biopharma and medtech businesses – including Novo Nordisk, Roche, CSL Behring, USB, Sanofi, and many more – BrightInsight works with a wide range of organizations looking to improve their services. Kal tells us, “We value partnership. We are strategic partners to our customers and our team collaborates every day to achieve our vision of transforming patient outcomes globally by bringing the power of digital technology to healthcare.” It is this attitude and nature of the business that keeps it on top of its game for the benefit of its customers.

“We are the partner of choice for innovative and forward-looking companies because of our team’s expertise and experience in biopharma and medtech; our platform’s reliability that ensures future-proofing scale; and our global footprint and experience,” Kal explains. With the team’s wealth of experience and positive, progressive passion, BrightInsight presents healthcare companies with the chance to improve their services and outlook on the biopharma and medtech industry – as well as evolving the digital experience for their patients.

For all looking to make their mark on the industry, BrightInsight introduces new ways to transform and move with the current times. Kal adds, “Whether they are developing a companion app to a leading drug to improve adherence, adding connectivity to a medical device, or deploying a smart algorithm to personalize patient care in real-time, we help our customers build, deploy, scale, and maintain these digital solutions in a compliant manner across disease states, products, and geographies.” BrightInsight’s platform is available in 48 countries around the globe and, because of this, we can see that its work is absolutely astonishing.

With BrightInsight providing its services to so many well-known companies, it has swiftly changed their perception of the biopharma and medtech realm. Kal shares, “With the BrightInsight®️ Platform as their foundation and BrightInsight as their launch partner, our customers are accelerating time to market for apps, algorithms, medical devices, connected combination products, diagnostics, and Software as a Medical Device.” Its platform is entirely configurable software Accelerator Modules that accelerate time to market by 6-12 months, and it ensures success for every business.

BrightInsight’s data integration, data management, and analytics guarantees that biopharma and medtech businesses can go from strength to strength. With pre-built integrations with medical devices, Electronic Health Records, and other health IT systems, BrightInsight paves the way for easier access and sharing across its platform. By managing the data in an expert fashion, the aggregation and advanced data processing enables diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of clinical conditions with ease.

With its experience in supporting regulated products across therapy areas including diabetes, respiratory, oncology, ophthalmology, obesity, haematology, immunology, neurology, and more, BrightInsight improves the customer experience alongside the success rate of each biopharma and medtech company that it helps to expand and succeed.

Offering its customers all the digital help they need, BrightInsight has been setting the pace for other businesses to come – as Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Healthcare for two years in a row, BrightInsight has made a tremendous impression on the world. BrightInsight has been ranked 13 on LinkedIn’s Top Startups List in 2020, named as the CB Insights Digital Health 150 two years in a row, and named a Digital Health Startup to Watch in 2021 by Medical Design and Outsourcing. It is this kind of respect and traction that has only fuelled BrightInsight’s fire even more – pushing it to new heights.

BrightInsight strives to create a team first approach to its structure and internal culture – and parallel to this – Kal says, “Our company culture plays a key role in our success. We hire and then continue to cultivate that culture. Among the qualities we look for, the first is passion. Our people are incredibly passionate about our mission to drive improvement in clinical outcomes with digital. And second, our culture emphasizes a real sense of accountability to identify and solve problems for our customers.”

As there is such a strong desire to be the best by collaborating and illuminating the positives of digital healthcare, BrightInsight formed a digital sphere that has undeniably propelled it to success. Alongside its unique mission of regulating digital health – through its medical-grade platform – and company culture, accountability is the backbone of the company; BrightInsight’s intuition is the lifeblood of its work and pushes it towards victory, time and time again.

With its team efforts, BrightInsight manages to keep up with the “ever-evolving regulatory requirements for digital health solutions,” says Kal. As BrightInsight stays one step ahead of the market, it can predict the future of trends in the biopharma and medtech spheres – this is mainly done through its gathered data and analytics which secure future-proof solutions for all.

In relation to COVID-19, BrightInsight assisted businesses in their decentralized clinical trials and virtual care that became more of a must throughout the world. “COVID-19 in many ways illuminated the potential of digital. As telehealth, decentralized clinical trials, and virtual care became more necessary, building digital solutions that capture data, enable remote patient monitoring, and improve communication between patients and healthcare providers became even more urgent,” Kal expresses.

Kal is aware of the weight carried by BrightInsight – for the sake of its customers – and is proud of the team’s launch of its suite of configurable disease management applications on its platform. This platform includes options for a patient app, physician portal, and algorithm hosting – all improving our experience of healthcare, from every angle.

Kal and the team has done extensive research into the market and found many interesting facts. Kal reveals, “Our research found that many of the pharma executives’ key challenges were navigating highly regulated markets, establishing clear business models, and facilitating a mindset shift with pharma for how to approach SaMD.” Not only has BrightInsight made these statistics more tangible and manageable, but BrightInsight’s focus is truly reflecting these developments. Kal offers, “According to recent research we conducted with HealthXL, the top 5 Biopharma companies invested $270 million in Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) between Jan. 2019 and Oct. 2021. As most companies partner to develop SaMD initiatives. BrightInsight, as the global leader in SaMD, is excited to continue leading the industry forward on this important technology.”

For the future, BrightInsight is always searching for ways to improve upon its stellar and seamless work. Kal is aware that “biopharma and medtech companies are realizing that digital can be leveraged to improve patient selection and prescribing, medication adherence, disease management, and overall patient outcomes.” By researching, analyzing, and developing, BrightInsight sharpens its own flexible skills whilst helping others to provide better services.

Acquisition International is proud to present BrightInsight with the incredible accolade of Most Innovative Digital Health Solutions Platform 2022 – USA and, as it shows no signs of slowing down, we are excited to see where it goes next.

 For business enquiries, contact Kal Patel from BrightInsight on their website – https://brightinsight.com/

Kal Patel
Kal Patel