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Issue 11 2022
As we near the end of 2022, we would like to showcase this mixture of impactful businesses to demonstrate how they have worked hard throughout a year as tumultuous as the last.
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AI Magazine Issue 11 2021 Cover 773x1024
With fiery orange leaves crunching under foot and whispers of excitement curling upon crisp tips of wind, we take a
AI Magazine Issue 10 2021 Cover 773x1024
Advances in technology and transportation have seen an increasingly connected world over the last few generations, but this globalisation has
AI Magazine Issue 9 2021
Professor Sara Valaguzza, founder of our cover company this month, Studio Legale Valaguzza, has been championing this forward momentum since
AI Magazine Issue 8 2021 Cover 773x1024
This year has seen a great deal of positive change as well; from greater momentum in sustainability efforts to initiatives
AI Magazine Issue 7 2021 Cover 773x1024
We speak to CEO of beCause Global Consulting, Nadine B Hack. Following the company’s recognition as the ‘Best Specialist Stakeholder
AI Magazine Issue 6 2021 Cover 773x1024
After months of restrictions imposed around the world as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is with much anticipation
AI Magazine Issue 5 2021 Cover 2 773x1024
With the cautious lifting of travel restrictions and easing of lockdowns, many businesses and enterprises are now able to begin
AI Magazine Issue 4 2021 Cover 2 773x1024
April saw a great deal of hope for businesses in the United Kingdom, as they were finally allowed to reopen
AI Magazine Issue 3 2021 Cover 1 773x1024
2021 has had a tumultuous start. Not nearly as rollercoaster-like as last year, but there have been ups and downs
AI Global Excellence 2020 Cover 773x1024
Our Global Excellence Awards are an annual programme which has been designed by our in-house research team. Launched to recognise
AI Magazine Issue 2 2021 Cover 1 773x1024
The events of the last year has magnified the importance of capitalising on opportunities whenever they arise. While the prevailing
AI Magazine Issue 1 2021 Cover
Like many of our January issues, we aim to start the year by looking back on the last twelve months.