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Issue 3 2023
During this quarter, the world of business has showed no signs of slowing down as companies continue striving to meet the demands of their clientele, with the help of cutting-edge technology, and the training of their teams.
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AI Magazine Issue 3 2021 Cover 1 773x1024
2021 has had a tumultuous start. Not nearly as rollercoaster-like as last year, but there have been ups and downs
AI Global Excellence 2020 Cover 773x1024
Our Global Excellence Awards are an annual programme which has been designed by our in-house research team. Launched to recognise
AI Magazine Issue 2 2021 Cover 1 773x1024
The events of the last year has magnified the importance of capitalising on opportunities whenever they arise. While the prevailing
AI Magazine Issue 1 2021 Cover
Like many of our January issues, we aim to start the year by looking back on the last twelve months.
AI Magazine Issue 12 2020 Cover 1 773x1024
As the final few weeks of 2020 are upon us, and many businesses hoping for a fresh start for the
AI Magazine Issue 11 2020 Cover 773x1024
While we approach the end of 2020, there’s a certain retrospective perspective setting in, while we look forward to (what
AI Magazine Issue 10 2020 Cover 773x1024
In many ways, the bar for success in these unprecedented pandemic-times has been set at a new low. Faced with
AI Magazine Issue 9 2020 Cover 773x1024
Yet, this month, we’re going to be focusing our attention on the future, and the inevitable return to a more
AI Magazine Issue 8 2020 cover
Some companies have seen the pandemic as a sort of wake up call to better prepare for any unforeseen change.
AI Magazine Issue 7 2020 cover
After taking a couple of months to realign ourselves with the paradigm shifting changes to the business world – and
AI Magazine Issue 4 2020 Cover 1 773x1024
It’s been a strange few weeks. I’m currently writing this from my makeshift home office, having shoved aside various knick-knacks,
AI Magazine Issue 3 2020 cover
Whilst we nearly always feature the best and brightest experts on the global legal and M&A landscapes, we’ve often not