Temptations cafe
A small café that has made itself a thriving part of a vibrant local ecosystem, Temptations is a community favourite
koochie global
Outdoor equipment must stand up to the most rigorous of conditions, not only competing with the stresses that nature provides,
change management
Key to a thriving business is the ability of a company to adapt to changing circumstances, but managing this change
business restructuring
Whilst support has been made available by the Government to assist employers, the pandemic has still seen huge numbers of
m and a 2021
Our world is in flux. And although collectively, we are facing many challenges right now, there are myriad opportunities growing
Content technology
The value of the audio-visual market has increased dramatically over the last few years. Companies in every industry have taken
When it comes to understanding vulnerabilities and predicting shifts in today’s markets, data forms a major part in the decision-making
Care worker
So much more than simply a domiciliary care agency, Overington Care does not merely assist people to live an independent
Logistics technology
The importance of a smooth supply chain cannot be ignored in this day and age. A good supply chain doesn’t
women in tech
Women now take up 26% of STEM employees, specifically Mathematics and Physical Science Sectors, a remarkable shift that can help
The impact on the financial world was sensationally underlined in the US, when a swathe of retail investors sought to
Operating in UK, India and the Netherlands, SNAK is on a mission to unlock potential and deliver results to each