No matter what your organization does, one thing is for sure: it executes hundreds of processes daily. For example, if you work in Finance, there are specific processes related to your market. Moreover, each department inside your organization runs different processes: HR, Customer Success, Sales, Administration, etc. So the question is: are they being done as efficiently as you need them to be? Read more
Most of us take it for granted these days, but the rate of technological change in the past decade or more is astonishing. Super-fast internet, cloud storage, video streaming; just imagine what things will be like a decade from now. Read more
Italian dual citizenship is trending because the country has immense benefits for immigrants. Relocation to Italy opens up an incredible lifestyle where you get quality education, excellent healthcare, and opportunities to work in business or profession. Read more
Social media has become a vital part of online business success. All industries nowadays belong equally to the virtual and the real world; through social media, companies can directly interact with customers on several online platforms and form a relationship by engaging in conversations and sharing content. Read more
The 5G market is projected to be worth $65 billion (£53.6 billion) by 2026, and by 2024, there will be over a billion global 5G subscribers. While the 5G sector has been impacted by scepticism after years of hype, there is likely to be a new phase of competition in niche 5G strategies and local markets as major telecoms companies forecast significant prospects for the mass market. Read more
Choosing to become a funded trader or sole trader, can affect your journey in the financial market, what type of opportunities are presented to you, and your ability to take advantage of them. Each option has its fair share of pros and cons, and deciding which is best for you is one of the decisions experienced, and new traders must make. Read more
Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are the top technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that are powering fintech solutions, found a Mastercard study on the state of fintech in the Middle East and Turkey markets*. Read more
When you run a small or enterprise-level business, you face many daily challenges to ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently. With larger organisations, you can delegate some of your responsibilities. However, the buck will often stop with you, so you still want some insight and oversight into those responsibilities. Read more
It’s a mantra that seems almost as old as time itself, but the ‘be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful’ strategy of Warren Buffett has served him well in more than five decades as an investor. Read more
No matter the stage you are at with your business, you might be heading for success and growth. However, for you to achieve your goals and beat the competition ahead, you need to have funds to ensure that your business meets its needs. Read more
The pursuit of convenience is something that people have done from the beginning of time. It is the objective of millions of scientists and researchers who toil away in labs, wearing safety goggles and clean white lab coats, labouring over prototypes. Putting the scientific method to work for the purpose of bettering our way of life and making it easier in ever-increasing ways, is the driving force behind the development of technology. Read more