The insurance industry is driven by data, from underwriting to claims to pricing, as well as customer interactions, marketing and products. The exponential growth in the volume of structured and unstructured data available to insurers has meant that the historically slow-to-adapt sector has needed to make faster, more informed decisions and to operate more efficiently. Read more
The number of women determining their own success by becoming their own bosses has increased over the last decade with an estimated 252 million females running their own businesses[1]. With this number continuing to climb, it’s clear that more women than ever are feeling empowered to become entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to enhance their incomes and achieve their lifestyle goals. Read more
Zoe Bailey joined European intellectual property firm, Withers & Rogers, as Head of Strategic Operations almost two years ago. Since then, she has worked alongside the company’s female chair to implement a modern strategic framework for the business. Whilst the world of professional services remains largely male dominated, Zoe’s Board-level position gives her a front-line role to shape the future of the business. Read more
Don’t let International Women’s Day pass by without giving powerful women the recognition they deserve. Women are smart, slick, practical, and loyal – and you’ve likely taken inspiration from other women over the years. Read more
Thesis, a provider of cloud-based, next generation university administration software, announced that SilverTree Equity, a leading private equity firm with deep expertise in technology and software businesses, has completed the acquisition of the company from Advent International. Read more
Salon management has changed drastically in the past few decades. From the adoption of modern technologies to more efficient operational systems, salons have made significant strides in improving their services. Read more
When it comes to running a successful business in the United Kingdom, having up-to-date knowledge of who your target market is and where they’re located is an essential part of staying ahead of the competition. Read more
With efforts being made globally to phase out the use of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles in the coming years, several companies have stepped up to research and develop innovative technologies for electric vehicle expansion. Read more
If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news in the fintech world, you might have noticed a common theme: more and more companies are moving their operations to the cloud. In fact, according to Mckinsey & Co, 54% of financial institutions expect to shift at least half of their workloads to the public cloud within 5 years. Read more
If you want to survive in a competitive market, you need to carefully think about your branding strategy. Fortunately, many big brands can afford to spend money on different strategies, but this isn’t the case for all brands. Read more
ChatGPT, the new AI-powered chatbot, is set to revolutionise the way we work. The chatbot uses natural language processing (NLP) to generate high-quality, human-like responses upon user request, making it one of the most innovative and influential AI systems to date, with use cases of the technology far exceeding its initial potential. The most pervasive application has been writing and creating content, but its uses extend far beyond the realms of the written word. Read more
Managing a business is more than overseeing your operations and keeping your company’s finances afloat. One of the equally important tasks you must prioritize is caring for your organization’s vital asset- your employees. Read more