Supply Chain
Supply chains are struggling to recover from the damaging effects of the pandemic. Couple this with the fact that a
Banking Customer Experience
According to a recent study by Gartner, 81% of companies compete mostly on the basis of CX, making strong CX
Non-Profit Organisation
The arts are a powerful way to send a message – music, literature, theatre, fine-art, and more, are consumed by
Digital Bank
The world is embracing a host of new technologies and the banking industry is no exception. First Investment Bank, Fibank,
Start Up Launch
Especially for first-time app developers, a soft launch can be immensely valuable. It enables you to trial your app without
Business Automation
The application of technology and automation in business is not something new. However, with significant advancements in machine learning and
James Barnes, MD of Alpha Global Wealth
Alpha Global Wealth (Alpha) is a small boutique family office in the heart of Geneva, taking care of 150 international
Double exposed image of a business meeting in the background, and an overlay of the world on top
Global businesses come with many challenges but they don’t weigh over the opportunity and benefits you can get once you
Being an office worker may not be amongst the riskiest professions, but an office environment can present a range of
Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP logo
Initially formed in 1992, Krishna & Saurastri Associates LLP began its journey in the industry when it merged with a
Augmented Reality
On the internet, augmented reality (AR) is already making waves. AR filters are all over Instagram, from Rihanna’s glittering diamond
Tax Form
As firms search overseas for growth opportunities, it is no surprise that foreign investment in the U.S. increased by around