A table top view with electronic devices that may or may not be Apple

Mac devices have been increasing in popularity in business for numerous years. And, that’s the reason why employees choose Mac when provided under the CYOD scheme (Choose your Own Scheme).

Companies like IBM and Axel Springer opt for Mac rather than PCs. There are numerous reasons behind this consideration. Some of which are user satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity. Why do companies opt for Mac? Tech giants have looked into the issue, and some reasons which tend to take the most credit are:


  • Support Costs:

At the start of 2015, IBM made headlines when the company announced its plan of purchasing 50,000 Mac devices by the end of 2015.

Well, the only reason behind this consideration is lower costs. Each Mac device tends to save IBM around $270 in the long term. The lower support costs are a potential reason behind this switch. The Vice President of Workspace as a Service at IBM explained that higher expenses act as pay-offs in the future.

For instance, around 5% of Mac users will require contacting the help desk. However, the figure for PC users is 40%.


  • Intuitive User Experience:

The overall user experience on Mac devices is termed intuitive. It is because it works just in the way users expect it to. The system preferences have a better layout. Users can easily access the commonly used settings like sounds, networks, and displays.

Also, according to a leading tech source, taking actions like freeing storage space, uninstalling apps, and others are pretty easy. The same saying is relevant for tasks like changing the audio input and output devices or ejecting drives.

Also, now that Apple spends a lot of time updating the software response parameters, users are updated on trackpad gestures. Mac’s spotlight feature is a time-saver and provides fast access to user files and applications.

Thus, Mac users tend to experience a clutter-free browser experience while maintaining consistent visuals of their screens- all thanks to dock customization.


  • Built-In Security:

On average, Mac users are less exposed to security threats. It is because malware programs targeting macOS are few. The AppStore apps are sandboxed. Thereby, even if there is a possibility for malware running, it won’t pave a path into the file system.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that users should stop installing anti-virus softwares. Instead, macOS provides users with a blanket of security of being exposed to fewer attacks.


  • Backups:

Backups may annoy Mac users. However, these require being carried out, specifically in the business world. When you’re using a Windows PC, there is usually a cap on the limit of free covers. Mac- on the other hand, the built-in software known as Time Machine tends to run backups conveniently and automatically.

You can restore anything, even if there is a change in hardware or deletion of data.


  • Reliability:

Apple is the only computer company that offers hardware and software well-tailored to one another. Know that this is one of the best benefits a company can have in terms of performance.

Mac devices, too, can crash, but research shows them to be more reliable and stable than Windows.


The Bottom Line

Some other reasons that make Mac devices desirable for enterprises all across the globe are battery life and easy up-gradation to newer OS versions. Also, Mac devices come with preloaded apps, which help enhance productivity and performance to unimaginable levels.

Thus, the adoption of Mac devices in the workplace makes all the sense!