Issue 3 2022 • Issue 3 2022 The Texan Company Making a Difference Since 2016, Sirvist HRC, LLC has been serving clients across the United States, supplying companies with effective human resources and talent acquisition solutions. Amassing a great portfolio of clients, the winner of Best HR & Talent Acquisition Consultancy 2022 – Texas has certainly had a busy few years. However, its future is only set to get livelier as it delves into solving the issues currently haunting workplaces across the nation.

2 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 From our Editor Welcome to the March edition of Acquisition International magazine. Recognised as a voice of modern business, we are passionate about providing vital updates to corporate readers so that they can always be one step ahead. Passing on stories of some bright businesses and marvellous minds, AI is dedicated to showcasing talent from around the globe. This year has already been a mixed bag of emotions however, we are looking to highlight and truly celebrate the exceptional achievements and positive impacts that both individuals and businesses are making on the world. This gives us hope for the future of both businesses and humankind. From companies boldly stepping into another year of serving clients – to rejuvenate their livelihood and promote their success – to businesses developing building blocks for a more sustainable future. This can be anything from architects to finance companies, tax credit software to payment solutions, lawyers for immigration services to outstanding human resources, and much more. Join us in commemorating these companies as we delve deeper into their work. Here we present our cover, Sirvist HRC, who excels with its human resource skills. Rich in experience, Sirvist has operated since 2016 with a team of likeminded, knowledgeable, and powerful people. Its talents know no bounds and it has now won Best HR & Talent Acquisition Consultancy 2022. This is where we celebrate its mighty achievement. But, for now, here’s to the continuation of productivity, motivation, and success. See you for the April issue! Sofi Bajor - Editor Contents 4 News 6 The Texan Company Making a Difference Sirvist HRC, LLC 8 Credit Where It’s Due! Boast 9 Beautiful and Bespoke Prestige Architects 10 Relentless, Intelligent Results Crown Point Advisors LLC 11 India’s Innovative Payment Solutions’ Mswipe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 12 Immigration Made Easy MG International Mobility 13 By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs! Tecola PLLC 14 Putting People First People Mentality Inc 15 Cybersecurity Made Simple KryptoKloud Ltd No information contained on or in this website constitutes investment advice or an offer to invest or to provide management services and is subject to correction, completion and amendment without notice. Neither AI nor any of its associated entities are authorised to give financial advice of any nature nor are they regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Prior to making any investment, AI recommends that any prospective investor should consult with its own investment, accounting, legal and tax advisers to evaluate independently the risks, consequences and suitability of that investment. AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer Rebecca Scotland, Writer Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Amelia Walker, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer 18 Most Innovative RegTech Solutions Company 2022 - UK Recordsure 19 Divergent Legal Attitudes Freeman Law 20 Metal Marvels! All Metals Fabricating Inc 21 Best Pre-IPO VC Fund Manager – USA 22 Best Nutrition & Weight Management Products Provider 2022 - California Jump To Health, Inc. 23 Innovative Insights Secure Success mnAI 24 Most Sustainable Boiler Installations Business - London Heatsy 25 Best Wood Construction Company – Scandinavia & AI Excellence Award for Dedication to Sustainability Arvet 26 Winners’ Listings

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4 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 News: from around the world Tech CEOs are in it for the long haul, according to new research from ECI Partners 1 in 5 technology CEOs plan to lead their business until at least 2030, a longer planned tenure than CEOs in any other sector, according to ECI Partners’ latest Growth Characteristics research. Further demonstrating that tech CEOs are more likely to be in it for the long haul, the research also found that the average amount of time tech CEOs plan to stay in their role is 7.3 years, nearly two years longer than the overall average of 5.7. ECI, the growth-focused private equity firm, surveyed over 500 fastgrowth SME business leaders as part of its Growth Characteristics report to understand what makes a successful CEO, and to discover their current challenges and growth plans. Tom Wrenn, Managing Partner at ECI Partners, comments on the findings: “Businesses have contended with a wide range of new challenges in the last two years and strong leadership has been crucial to help businesses both survive and thrive. This is especially the case for tech CEOs, who have been at the forefront of the shift to remote working and digital transformation driven by the pandemic. With a high degree of continued growth potential within the sector, there is little surprise that tech CEOs plan to stay in position longer and make the most of these opportunities.” Exit plans When thinking about the future of their business, nearly two fifths (38%) of business leaders in the technology sector want to pass their business onto their leadership team to manage once they leave. However, over half (54%) do not currently have a succession plan in place. This suggests that whilst tech CEOs know what they want their succession plan to be, they need to take action to formalise it. Furthermore, when thinking about the future challenges their business faces, 31% cite implementing the post-Covid future of work as the biggest challenge ahead. Nevertheless, leaders are optimistic about the future, with 69% of tech CEOs saying their optimism is higher than this time last year. Tom Wrenn adds: “For businesses to continue to thrive in the long term, it’s essential that time is taken to fully consider a succession plan following the departure of their CEO and ensure that the new leadership team are all working to achieve the same goal. Without this cohesion, a business someone has spent years nurturing can quickly hinder its own growth potential.”

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 5 LONDON – 28 February 2022 – Cybersecurity is expected to be the biggest challenge and opportunity facing technology, media and telecommunication (TMT) mergers and acquisitions professionals (M&A) in 2022, according to new research by Datasite. The SaaS-based technology provider for global dealmakers surveyed 200 senior UK M&A professionals comprised of CEOs to corporate development, banking, consulting, accounting, private equity and legal professionals. More than half of UK CEOs (54%) and 46% of senior M&A professionals surveyed said that cybersecurity presents the best opportunity for TMT dealmaking over the next year, ahead of other subsectors, such as cloud technology and data analytics, of which 44% said were the next best targets. Yet at the same time, CEOs said cybersecurity is also one of the most difficult areas to manage when it comes to executing deals and integrating assets, post-acquisition. More than a third (37%) of CEOs believe cybersecurity and the ability of staff to work in a virtual environment were the biggest challenges when executing TMT deals virtually, followed by regulatory approvals (17%). One in three (33%) of CEOs also said implementing technology into their existing operations is the biggest challenge when managing the integration phase of a TMT deal in a purely virtual environment. This was ahead of operating models (29%) and communicating strategy to employees (29%). Merlin Piscitelli, Chief Revenue Officer for EMEA at Datasite said, “The TMT M&A boom is the result of several market forces. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation strategies, increasing the digital footprint of mid- and largecap companies. In fact, we are seeing this in real time, with new UK TMT projects on our platform up 39% at the end of 2021 compared to 2020. And because these are deals at their inception rather than announced, this means there are already many TMT deals already in flight. Additionally, as technology is increasingly facilitating flexible working arrangements, the risk of a cyber compromise is now higher, so interest in cybersecurity investment makes absolute sense. Of course, with increased levels of activity expected, it’s more important than ever to have secure, effective tools that help manage the M&A and integration processes. Attention to and investment in cybersecurity will also ensure valuation protection in the face of growing buyer scrutiny.” Still, not everyone involved in the M&A ecosystem agrees on cybersecurity being the most attractive subsector. While respondents from UK law firms (49%) and investment banks (46%) agree cybersecurity presents the best TMT dealmaking opportunities this year, corporates overwhelmingly (64%) picked cloud tech, while 57% in consulting and accounting Cybersecurity Is Top TMT M&A Investment Opportunity and Challenge for UK CEOs, Dealmakers: Datasite Survey firms selected data analytics and 47% in private equity (PE) firms chose e-commerce as the most attractive subsectors. TMT dealmaking won’t be all smooth sailing M&A professionals also said several factors could interfere with TMT dealmaking this year. Over one-third of UK senior M&A professionals (36%) expect slow economic recovery to hinder TMT M&A activity, a sentiment reflected by over half (54%) of CEOs. M&A professionals also said supply chain issues (31%) and overvaluations could be deal-making impediments (29%). Datasite’s Piscitelli said, “There are some risks associated with a stricter regulatory and foreign direct investment environment this year, which dealmakers will have to consider carefully. To capitalize on attractive opportunities, it will be important for dealmakers to use technology and tools that help them keep track of deal execution timetables and regulatory compliance risks. In this environment it becomes even more crucial to get the due diligence phase of a technology M&A deal done right, including getting it done efficiently and effectively.” Additional key findings from the survey include: • When it come to the most important factor in a TMT target, most senior M&A professionals favor profitability (45%) and growth (44%), while more than half of CEOs (54%) prefer valuations. • 44% of senior M&A professionals expect deal activity to be led by mergers (49%) and SPACs (44%), ahead of IPOs (39%), with most activity taking place domestically. • 73% of senior M&A professionals are concerned that increased scrutiny around national security issues and changing tax and privacy regulations will prevent some deals from happening this year. • Regulations slowed deal activity in 2021, according to 49% of senior M&A professionals. To learn more about Datasite, please visit:

6 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 Jan22073 The Texan Company Making a Difference Since 2016, Sirvist HRC, LLC has been serving clients across the United States, supplying companies with effective human resources and talent acquisition solutions. Amassing a great portfolio of clients, the winner of Best HR & Talent Acquisition Consultancy 2022 – Texas has certainly had a busy few years. However, its future is only set to get livelier as it delves into solving the issues currently haunting workplaces across the nation. rusted by its many clients, Sirvist HRC, LLC operates as a full-service HR talent management and consulting company, that works to build strategic partnerships with organizations in order to meet the needs of the ever-changing workforce. Founded in 2016 by Ruthie Lee-Esene, the company has developed an extensive portfolio, with its current client list including names such as Bain & Company, NRG and the Green Mountain Energy brand, and Houston Botanic Garden. Indeed, across Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Mississippi, Sirvist HRC has cultivated a reputation for quality, resulting in numerous prestigious brands flocking to its services. From talent acquisition to consultations, and leadership and team assessment to training, Sirvist HRC can guarantee that the client will see effective results. Its talent management service, for example, aids in the search for executives, for which it draws upon its great expertise and wealth of knowledge. Moreover, the company is equipped to provide help with career coaching, resume writing and branding, professional branding, and customised job leads. Simply, whatever the client needs, Sirvist HRC endeavours to supply it in abundance. Henceforth, the company prioritises a sturdy set of core values, using them to navigate customer interactions and daily challenges. Aiming to work in an ethical manner, Sirvist HRC prioritises honesty, transparency, and integrity, with the overarching goal to provide a trustworthy service that clients can depend on. Furthermore, these values give the company the freedom to be intuitively flexible, innovative, and creative. Flexibility is the key trait here – as no two clients are the same, it is imperative that Sirvist HRC devises a way to shape its services to its clients rather than the other way around. Therefore, it opts to tailor its services to its clients’ specific needs and requirements. With clients entering the business from a range of markets, from energy, retail, medical, manufacturing, and even horticulture, Sirvist HRC has maintained a diverse clientele. However, for Sirvist HRC the company, industry, or geographical area is not as important as the leader. Of course, the leader is the driving force behind the company’s entire operation, and it is their approach that makes the greatest impact. Consequently, this is Sirvist HRC’s primary focus, targeting the top of the company and then working its way down through the ranks. Additionally, Sirvist HRC promotes communicating and working across lines, building bridges, and stepping out from the T shadows, as being in the shadows implies that the issue is on-going. At its core, the company is interested in strengths and weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities. This approach, in essence, would be impossible without Sirvist HRC’s blossoming team. Every member of Sirvist HRC plays a critical role and is highly valued by the company due to their drive, passion, and willingness to cater to the customer. ‘Do the right thing when no one is looking,’ is the motto that guides the team and, ultimately, infuses each branch of the company. It is vital for the team to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, even when the higherups are not watching – after all, it is their behaviour that reflects upon the company as they are regularly coming into contact with the public and with business executives. It is with this inmind that Sirvist HRChas devised a rigorous recruitment process. From the very beginning it is important for candidates to create the right impression, for example, they must be professional from the moment they walk through the door. In addition, prospective team members are observed for their performance, potential, and promise. The company is attempting to create a solid profile of who the candidate is, and it wants to understand the candidate’s innate ability and behaviour first, and then their qualifications and credentials. As a result, this enables the company to paint a picture of how the person will fit into the company. Upon hiring the new team member, they must sign a Team Covenant. The Team Covenant serves as the guiding doctrine that governs Sirvist HRC’s transparent relationship. At its core, Sirvist HRC chooses to focus upon personal accountability and understands that every person, leader, and organisation is unique and gifted. It believes that each person has a purpose which ultimately allows them to perform and operate in a manner that cultivates the best possible level of work. Henceforth, this mentality influences how Sirvist HRC chooses to work with its clients – team leaders, CEOs, and executives – and how it handles its own team. Sirvist HRC does not exist to change who they are, but instead, to offer a more objective understanding of who that person is and why they behave, work, and communicate in the way that they do. It has been able to do this in partnership with Team Excellence, which has ultimately allowed Sirvist HRC to build a more dynamic, diverse, and inclusive internal structure.

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 7 The Texan Company Making a Difference This has served as an enormous benefit over the past few turbulent years. The Covid-19 pandemic has left a scar upon numerous industries around the globe, leaving a select few businesses unscathed. Sirvist HRC took a unique approach to combatting this challenge – simply, it believes that there is no normal. It is this attitude that has enabled the company to overcome the setbacks and, in current circumstances, develop a mindset that allows for growth. In turn, 2022 is set to be an exciting year for Sirvist HRC. It has numerous plans that it is working towards setting into motion, including an enhanced focus upon research, where it plans to assess various theories and plans in order to become more engaged in the lives of future generations that will impact the workforce. Over the past few years, it has noted that more and more people are entering the workforce that struggle with written communication, reading comprehension, and listening skills. Through the research, Sirvist HRC hopes to tackle these issues, making the future brighter for both employers and employees. Contact: Ruthie Lee-Esene Company: Sirvist HRC, LLC Web Address:

8 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 Jan22101 Credit Where It’s Due! Innovation drives growth, but many companies simply don’t know how to make the most of the potential they have. The team behind Boast have made it their mission to support businesses everywhere to innovate through research and development. Named Best Specialist R&D Tax Credit Software Firm 2022 – Canada in 2022’s Global Excellence Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their tremendous success. esearch and development is a major part of any business operation, empowering companies to push forward with bold new plans. Many industries, such as software, hardware, gaming, manufacturing, life sciences and energy invest heavily in R&D, qualifying for a range of government tax incentives. The team behind Boast know the power behind innovation. Though ground-breaking AI technology, they have been able to automate tax incentives, assisting companies to quality for the maximum possible return. By connecting to their client’s data systems, the team can leverage a greater amount of data to open up new opportunities. The use of AI has allowed for a high claim eligibility for clients as well as a faster and simpler claims process. For many of the team’s clients, the ability to invest in R&D depends enormously on optimizing their financial situation. The holistic perspective of the Boast approach makes this possible. There are enormous benefits to prioritising the needs of R&D, with every dollar invested in this returning twenty dollars back into the economy through job and company growth. Companies that are innovation leaders grow 260% faster than average companies according to Forrester. This drive for innovation is not just limited to the companies that the Boast team support. In a sector where traditional service offerings haven’t changed in decades, their industry leading AI solution offers a better way forward than ever before. Of course, the challenge of innovation is that you are often standing against the status quo. Other companies, namely big accounting firms, boutique firms and individual specialists, all use manual, time R consuming and inaccurate processes. As more and more people are made aware of the potential of what Boast has to offer, they will turn to them for greater levels of support. The use of technology, therefore, is crucial as it allows the team to scale their work at an astonishing rate. Looking ahead, the future is bright indeed for this incredible team. Their ambitious approach to R&D has allowed them to flourish, and in turn, their clients. Needless to say, the newly developed roadmap that the leadership has created will deliver new, advanced approaches to help accounting, finance and engineering leaders with better R&D decisions. To support this impressive level of growth, the nature of the business is set to expand in 2022 as well. Boast is set to announce new affiliate and strategic partners as it expands its geographic operations. This drive for continual development is key to securing aggressive growth over the next year. When we think of Boast, it’s worth thinking of a company that doesn’t just value innovation. It prizes it above all else. Turning innovation from a desired quality into one which flows through the very heart of a company, however is not easy. Through the work of the team at Boast, this has begun to change. As more and more company gain the benefits of their eligible tax credits as well as great R&D intelligence, it’s clear that the work Boast do will not just change these companies – they will change the shape of the industry as we know it. Company: Boast Name: Chris Cottle Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 9 Prestige Architects is a renowned London-based architectural practice specialised in high-end residential projects. Its services range from all stages of architecture to interior design development, bespoke joinery and furniture, and design management. In this issue of Acquisition International, the firm has been awarded the title of Best Boutique Residential Architecture Firm 2022 – London, so we explore what makes this the case. Jan22102 ith extensive experience of working on multimillion pound residential projects both in the UK and abroad, Prestige Architects’ key to success is the level of expertise of its solid team of experienced consultants coupled with the exacting level of detail applied to each project. This combination of innovation and design excellence has led to international awards and many industry short-listings. Marco Braghiroli launched Prestige in 2009 with the mission of delivering beautifully bespoke and luxurious private properties. His handpicked team thrives in providing a dedicated, unique service, with clients being taken on a personalised and enjoyable architectural journey that is brimming with creative expertise. This outstanding experience has led to most of the firm’s business being generated from repeat clients and their invaluable recommendation. Prestige founder, Marco Braghiroli said, “We are proud of our preceding reputation for creating quality homes to the highest standards and passionately invest our efforts in every new project.” The Prestige team is the soul of the business; this group of industryleading professionals provide the ultimate client experience: a smooth creative process delivering exceptional design and effective practical purpose. Marco commented, “In my view, the secret behind any successful business is the team and not just the individual. The company’s steady growth is fuelled by passion, dedication and attention, which are key qualities of our team and the selection process of new talents.” Marco began his career with the completion of his architectural studies at the Politecnico of Milan, later studying interior design at the University of Hasselt in Belgium. In the year 2000, he moved to London where he worked for some of the UK’s leading architectural firms in traditional architecture, soon becoming senior associate and working on iconic academic college projects for Cambridge and Oxford. In 2003, Marco discovered his love for private residential design and began to focus his energy in this field. He was fortunate enough to be the lead architect at this time, designing many beautiful buildings, and he has since been instrumental in the creation of numerous private London residencies and English country estates as well as designing homes in Greece, Monte Carlo, Italy, and the Caribbean. Speaking about their experience of working with Marco, one client said, “I have known Marco for three years, and it is with much pleasure, joy and luck that I know him, and have been able to work W and deal with him. He is a fantastic, productive and positive person. He is excellently educated and raised very well with great Italian spirit and taste. I highly recommend him as you will enjoy every minute of working and communicating with him.” Marco and his team are now envisioning their aims for the next five years. He shares, “We will continue growth and search for the next members of our “dream team” and focus our development further on eco-architecture and wellbeing architecture, which will play a big part in our development.” Company: Prestige Architects Contact: Marco Braghiroli Email: [email protected] Website: Beautiful and Bespoke

10 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 Relentless, Intelligent Results rown Point Advisors LLC specialises in United States, German, and Chinese patent litigation and post-grant patent proceedings. In the high-tech patent space, its expertise is unparalleled and world-class; over the past decade, it has advised on nearly all the world’s largest patent cases in the telecommunications standard, video standard, semiconductor, and mobile device fields. In these cases, billions are at risk and companies’ existences are at stake. In the patent portfolio licensing and acquisition contexts, Crown Point advises clients on the validity of high-value portfolios, which are often focused on the key video and telecommunications standards, including GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, H.264, HEVC, and 5G. Speaking about the company, founder and partner, Andrew R. Hein said, “We are client-focused, detail-oriented, have significant litigation and technical knowledge, and understand what our clients need from us in order to achieve their goals. These values were our founding ones, and they haven’t changed. It is what has made us the world’s leading prior art search company.” C Crown Point Advisors LLC concentrates on patent litigation and patent post-grant invalidity advising. For over a decade, it has advised the world’s largest companies and most powerful firms on the world’s largest global patent litigation matters, across four continents, eleven countries, and in eight languages. This is thanks to its seasoned team’s 13 years’ prior art research experience, for which it has been recognised by Acquisition International magazine as 2022’s Leading Specialists in Prior Art Research – USA. Company: Crown Point Advisors LLC Contact: Andrew R. Hein Email: [email protected] Website: Jan22211 As a service-oriented company, Crown Point’s expert team is its leading resource. With extensive art search experience and a singleminded focus on succeeding, its people relentlessly and intelligently scope the globe in search of precise and guaranteed results. They are technically competent, as well as hard-working, detail-oriented, and curious about the different technologies enabling today’s connected society. Andrew said, “One of the benefits of our work is that we learn how almost all of today’s technology operates.” CrownPoint also takes prides in the fact that it is able to build andmaintain long-term relationships with clients, many of whom have worked with Crown Point since its initial founding, and who now consistently depend on its advice for their critical matters. Crown Point listens to its clients, focuses on their needs, and is an asset to help them achieve their goals. Now looking towards the future, Andrew shares the company’s plans. “With the rise of the Unified Patent Court in Europe, I anticipate expanding our work with the law firms and companies of the signatory states, in particular with our German clients.”

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 11 India’s Innovative Payment Solutions’ ounded in 2011, Mswipe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. grew rapidly, releasing its first POS solution in India in 2012. From here, the company climbed the ladder to success, becoming increasingly popular with companies across the nation. Mswipe offers POS solutions for every variety of payment acceptance, be it cards, wallets, mobile payment apps, and bank apps, contactless, or QR payments. Henceforth, the company has become the largest non-bank EDC Provider amassing over half a million merchants on its platform. With numerous effective solutions and products in its inventory, the success of the company should serve as no surprise – it is flexible and has designed products that can be used by any business, no matter whether it’s a start-up or an established corporation. For example, Mswipe’s most recent release, the Wisepos Neo, is available from the affordable starting price of ₹4,500, equating to approximately £44.03, without taxes. There are a range of pricing plans supplied that span from one month up to 12 months. Furthermore, with around 15 hours of battery life, the Wisepos Neo is suitable for multiple businesses and events – it is filled with innovative features that enable it to provide a streamline service in all environments. Bluetooth, 4G connectivity, and an inbuilt printer are all features of the product, which – especially when complimented by F the informative and easy to navigate dashboard. Simply placing the Wisepos Neo ahead of many of its competitors’ creations. Working with clients ranging from tattoo parlours to government entities, Mswipe has had the privilege of cultivating a diverse and wildly extensive client base. However, no matter who the client is, be it Maharashtra State Traffic Police or Flipkart, the company endeavours to supply the best possible service. Therefore, it has formulated core values that support this mission. Customer delight, operational efficiency, product superiority, and retention of talent form the basis of the company’s structure, and every decision Mswipe makes is done so with these traits in mind. Translating into better service, these values have led the company through its success, serving as a guide towards betterment. Of course, these values infuse the structure of the company’s team, which runs on a basis of meritocracy. Mswipe takes pride in its team, noting that they are the cause of its success, and credits its achievements to the ingenuity of its staff. As a result, when searching for new recruits, the company focuses on passion and drive. It seeks to employ people that have a hunger to excel and are willing to constantly learn – in fact, these qualities are imperative at Mswipe due to its innovative and creative landscape. Consequently, the team played a major role in keeping the company afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic. The crisis saw Mswipe hit with multiple disruptions, including some of its merchants being forced to shut shop and close their businesses permanently. In addition, the changing government regulations meant that only essential businesses were able to remain open, and many small and midsize retail stores had to either reinvent business strategies or exit business. Mswipe has successfully adapted to these challenges over the past couple of years, transforming into a fully remote business whilst still releasing products. In turn, Mswipe has realised that at least 50% of its staff are capable of working in a permanently remote scenario and will be potentially implementing this in the long-term. The upcoming year sees numerous transitions entering the scene, including that of the push towards becoming a digital bank that focuses on small merchants. Moreover, in 2022, Mswipe will be taking an enhanced look at gender equality and is ready to break away from the traditional employment structure and hire more women, thereby increasing its current female strength to 30%. Ultimately, the company envisions a future where half of its top management consists of powerful female leaders. Contactless payments have optimised the payment process, allowing for a quick swipe of a card in place of having to type in a PIN. Mswipe Technologies Pvt. Ltd., an Indian company, has pioneered much of this technology, designing a vast range of EDC machines. Indeed, offering a simplistic one-stop-shop system, the company is the premier provider of point-of-sale solutions. Here we take a closer look as it wins Most Innovative POS Solutions Company 2022 – India. Contact: Smita Gaur Company: Mswipe Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Web: Jan22263

12 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 Jan22298 Immigration Made Easy Spain is a land of sea, sun, and growing opportunities for businesses. MG International Mobility aids the latter, acting as expert lawyers for those looking to transfer their operations to the nation. Indeed, with a global network of clients under its wing, MG International Mobility’s specialist service has propelled the company to unprecedented levels of international success. Let’s look closer as it wins Most Outstanding Legal Immigration Services Firm 2022 – Spain. arbouring decades worth of combined experience, MG International Mobility benefits from a wealth of expertise and knowledge surrounding international mobility, corporate immigration, and an array of other immigration services. This vast amount of information subsequently plays an immense role within the services the company provides, allowing it to successfully navigate Golden Visas, non-profit residences, and EB5 visas. Moreover, whilst MG International Mobility primarily operates within Spain, its services have branched out across the globe. Its typical client comes in the form of a company, public or private, that is looking to move an employee to Spain or, in some cases, a different country. In addition, MG International Mobility works with numerous private clients who are looking at investing in Spanish businesses or are looking for residences within the country. One such example is the renowned Golden Visa, which serves as a residence visa that is issued to a non-EU national who intends to make a significant investment in the Spanish economy. In order to apply for one of these visas, the applicant must either make an investment of at least €500,000 in real estate, €1,000,000 in shares in a company or deposit in a Spanish bank, or alternatively, at least €2,000,000 in Spanish public debt. In turn, it is imperative that MG International Mobility’s staff communicate effectively – working on such cases leaves little room for error. The combination of each member’s personal knowledge and experience has cultivated an environment that thrives upon industry expertise; therefore, the company is able to provide a highly professional client-centric service. MG International Mobility takes pride in its team, it constantly pushes them to achieve exceptional results and formulate long-term relationships with its clients. It is with this aim firmly in mind that the company provides a bespoke service, which is thereby enhanced by its team’s skillset. Of course, the dedication of its team has proven to be a great benefit, especially during the past few turbulent years. The Covid-19 pandemic generally worked in MG International Mobility’s favour – all applications took place online, which enabled the optimisation of the entire process. No longer did the company have to meet face-toface with each client. Although, this has also had its challenges as not everyone is equipped to handle electronic communications. The company has, however, enjoyed transitioning to remote working. Staff members have had more time to spend with their families, and as such, this has bolstered their output. Since the pandemic, MG International Mobility has adapted to a hybrid working scheme where necessary to work in the office for H appointments with clients who require personal meetings, alongside remote working – in order to better reconcile work and family life. 2022 is set to see a great amount of development for MG International Mobility. Over the next year, the company will be designing and implementing new marketing strategies with the aim to increase their clientele. Furthermore, the company hopes to nurture its networks across Italy, Mexico, Colombia, the United States, and Argentina, as within the next few months it plans to start working in these areas. Contact: Danthe Menes Company: MG International Mobility Web Address:

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 13 When companies turn to the team from Tecola PLLC, they want a service that prioritises their entrepreneurial needs above all else. This approach is at the heart of how Christophe Baekeland and his team operate. In Acquisition International’s 2022 Global Excellence Awards, the team were named Best Niche Technology & Privacy Law Firm 2022 – Belgium. To discover more about their incredible efforts, we take a closer look at the secrets of their remarkable success. Jan22333 he best legal advice does not appear in a vacuum. It takes a holistic approach, considering the needs of the client, the specifics of the case and the outside pressures that might affect a business. Taking these into account is not an easy task, but it is what ensures the best in the business continue to thrive. It’s also the mindset that sets Tecola apart from the competition. Founded by Christophe Baekeland as a law firm by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs, Tecola boasts an enterprising attitude that is always pushing the industry forward. Forward thinking and sustainability must be at the heart of how any organisation operates, and Christophe takes the time to ensure that his solutions consider these factors. Their strategies are not limited to pure legal analysis, instead creating and implementing pragmatic policies that will assist in growth and development. Both private and public undertakings have benefitted from the work of Tecola, with the principles of sustainable and efficient business at the heart of all of their proposals. Tecola has gained a reputation for being able to effortlessly incorporate the need for corporate social responsibility and good corporate governance into their suggestions. When it comes to finding solutions of the highest quality, there are few finer. Since opening its doors, Christophe has focused on the developing challenges within the rapidly evolving IT industry, particularly when it comes to ASP, Cloud & SaaS, consultancy and privacy matters. This last topic has been incredibly important as companies have adapted to meet the demands of GDPR. Since this significant industry-wide change, Christophe has become renowned for his out-of-the-box way of thinking in all kinds of issues regarding GDPR and other fundamental rights and liberties. He is a certified Data Protection Officer as well as a GDPR Lead Auditor, offering his assistance in this respect to all clients. Privacy is one of the major topics surrounding technology at the moment, and Tecola has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. By working in the fields of communications and legal services, the team at Tecola can incorporate their technical knowledge in the wider world of legal expertise. The team have worked out many business restructuring and investment guidelines as well as selecting appropriate legal structures for specific companies. The success of the team is such that they are not simply in demand for their services within the field, however. Often, Tecola is called upon to run various guest lectures, seminars and workshops on specialist subjects. T Offering such a wide range of opportunities is the key to the team’s incredible demand and remarkable success. When turning to Tecola, you don’t simply get leading legal advice. You get access to a fine legal mind that knows the challenges of the day and how they relate to the fast changes in the field of technology. This holistic approach is at the heart of the firm’s appeal and why it leads the way in this regard. TO businesses, the work done by the Tecola team is vital to their success. It’s little wonder that so many trust them to deliver on their behalf. Company: Tecola PLLC Name: Christophe Baekeland Email: [email protected] By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs!

14 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 Putting People First ounded in 2017, the team at PMI have gone above and beyond to promote a people-first mentality that helps to build more Employers of Choice in the market. With a need to develop companies that boast multigenerational workforces, the firm has worked closely with organisations to build and tell compelling stories that appeal to potential employees whilst driving forward their business objectives. At the heart of this successful approach are the values of professionalism and a can-do attitude. It is not enough to simply offer a job in today’s marketplace. People care deeply about the work they do. Taking a path that few have traversed before has allowed the PMI team to uncover numerous possibilities in the Employer Branding space that are truly second to none. The PMI team uses employer branding and social media strategies to not only stand apart from the crowd, but to establish the message of what a company is trying to communicate to its team. For many, recruitment is often a necessity as opposed to a demand that can be calculated in alignment with business goals. Through establishing a goal-setting framework, it transforms the way in which its clients consider the hiring process. Instead of hiring to meet demand, it puts the needs of people first across many organisations. Over the years, the PMI team have become ubiquitous for their work within the APAC region as a vital component of businesses looking to enhance their brand as an employer. Renowned organisations such as Samsung, Singtel and Under Armour have all turned to this consultancy for support. Much of the team’s advertising comes from satisfied customers telling their peers, which adds much needed validity to any claims made. Whilst word of mouth has been a vital tool for the team’s expansion to date, the team have also been looking to the latest forms of technology to see what it can bring to the table. The team have developed two other entities, namely Stories of Asia, a Storyteller incubator and StoryBuddy, an AI-powered Employer Branding tool. Each has its own benefits, but both are designed to tell the stories that people want to see within the companies they join. Finding ways of sharing these narratives is key to the team’s success. Looking ahead, it’s clear that whilst the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, it has left an indelible mark on the world of work. A strong employer brand and a clear strategy makes all the difference, with the value of a clear voice and story as yet unrealised by many. With a company like PMI focused on educating businesses F When it comes to hiring the brightest and best, the team at People Mentality Inc have made it their mission to assist companies to become Employers of Choice. Recognised as Best HR & Employer Branding Consultancy 2022 – Singapore in Acquisition International’s 2022 Global Excellence Awards, we dig a little deeper into how they’ve made such an incredible achievement. Company: People Mentality Inc Name: Sam Neo Email: [email protected] Web Address: Jan22346 about the importance of their stories and making it available to the masses through new platforms such as StoryBuddy and Stories of Asia, it’s clear that the firm has a fine future ahead. People connect with great stories, and the team at PMI have made the stories of business their primary focus. It has earned them enormous success, as well as empowering and inspiring their clients to do better by their employees. Too often, it is easy to put the needs of the business above all else, but the lesson from PMI can be surmised with the idea that if people know their jobs, business takes care of itself. At the heart of this successful approach are the values of professionalism and a can-do attitude.

Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 15 Cybersecurity Made Simple ased in Lincoln, KryptoKloud is a company committed to going to any length to ensure its customers are protected. There are no shortcuts, and “good enough” service is never enough. The KryptoKloud team comes together to provide a wide variety of security experience from several industries: telecoms, commercial IT, military and government. This top-notch service ensures support with a range of outstanding core product offerings, including KryptoSOC360 XDR, the company’s digital resilience and forensic services, and its new inhouse KryptoDNA capability, providing threat intelligence and dark web monitoring, as well as its COBRA risk audit capability – all delivered while avoiding the traditional heavy CapEx investments from its clients. This cyber service catalogue is further complemented by a suite of cyber products covering security testing, consultancy, data privacy such as data loss prevention, and cyber incident response. Indeed, it is the KryptoKloud team that brings each of these services to life; they are highly skilled, highly motivated and relentless people who provide customers with optimised commercial delivery models for both cyber and security intelligence domains. They respect each customer’s personal property, privacy and the regulations in place B that protect them and the company itself. The end result is a unique stack of cyber, Managed Security Service Provision (MSSP) and a suite of intelligence products and services. They are dedicated to delivering these in the most cost-effective way for its clients. And it is thanks to the KryptoKloud team that the company has grown year on year since its founding, with its revenue having doubled during that time (even throughout the global pandemic). It hasn’t stop there either; in early 2022, KryptoKloud opened a new Cyber Intelligence Centre which is widely acknowledged as the best-inclass cyber operational capability of the East of England. However, the only challenge with this growth has been finding new analysts fast enough to cover the work. Ultimately, KryptoKloud leaves behind it a long list of satisfied customers, including Lincoln College which shared its experience of working with the company: “There are many firms with similar offerings but our experience of KryptoKloud is that these core competencies are just the start. In the event of a security incident, senior staff are available and present to advise and guide you through the process of recovering to business-as-usual. Their knowledge, commitment, expertise and calmness under pressure gives the reassurance and confidence needed to successfully counter a security incident.” KryptoKloud was established in 2016 with a vision of providing the best-in-class cybersecurity solutions and services to its customers. With operational offices situated in the UK, the company provides a blend of innovative cybersecurity services for its customers to achieve cyber resilience, for which it has earned the title of Most Innovative Cybersecurity & Monitoring Services Firm 2021 – UK. Company: KryptoKloud Ltd Contact: Allison Burrows Email: [email protected] Web: Jan22390

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18 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2022 Most Innovative RegTech Solutions Company 2022 - UK ccredited as the multi-award-winning business used by Banks, Private Banking and Wealth Management Firms, Insurers and Government services, Recordsure offers unique solutions that have given the company the recognition of success for over ten years. What makes the company so impressive and able to achieve such respect within the industry is its imminent focus, dedicated to a specific sector of clients encompassed within the financial services sector. Furthermore, Recordsure’s Transcription and Machine Learning (ML) models are trained specifically on the language and data from that industry domain. CEO Joe Norburn details the company’s individuality and unique offerings by stating, “We understand our client’s problem statements and work hard to create solutions that work for our clients and across the industry. The breadth of our product offering is unique – we provide compliance monitoring solutions across recorded conversations and case file documentation. This truly sets us apart from others because we can cover and analyse every interaction, spoken and written between firms and their clients.” Since its establishment, Recordsure has developed revolutionary and innovative solutions that have made a transformational impact within the industry. Recordsure was founded as a response to the financial crisis, which subsequently impacted consumer perception of the financial services industry. Thus, imploring the concept that the sector was mis-selling and allowed unethical practices that destroyed confidence and trust. However, Recordsure’s established a vision to override this insight by offering innovative RegTech tools to support firms whilst bolstering consumer trust. Overall, creating an industry that works to benefit everyone involved. Joe explains this theory further by stating, “Very early on, we recognised the urgency to address the industry issues and the pressure on firms from the regulators to review their operations and processes. It’s become clear that firms need advanced technology tools to tackle reviews efficiently and within set timescales. At the time, the industry lacked an analytic technology solution for reviewing advice and compliance at speed and scale – so we built it.” Recordsure is renowned for its unique service offering. Its team’s combination and collaboration of financial experience, compliance, and innovative technology have driven its vision A Established as the UK’s Most Innovative RegTech Solutions Company, Recordsure was launched with the mission to redefine customer care – raising standards and exceeding expectations for what regulators, organisations and consumers assume to be industry level quality. Using bespoke AI technology, Recordsure’s voice and document analytics solutions support and service industry-wide challenges and protect customers most notably. Company: Recordsure Name: Joe Norburn Email: [email protected] Web Address: Jan22006 and mission to address the industry challenges. This was handled by launching the market-first AI-driven RegTech platform, as Joe explains, “Using pioneering Recordsure-built AI technology, Recordsure tools are powerful. Our proprietary AI-driven speech analytics tools record, review and analyse 100% of customer interactions. We remove blind spots to ensure compliance, reduce risk and drive fair customer treatment. Our document analytics is a clever combination of Robotic Process Automation coupled with Optical Character Recognition and Machine Learning, boasting 97% AI accuracy.” Overall, with the latest technological advances combined with the company’s expertise, Recordsure provided unmatched results in delivering accuracy across the industry and amongst competitors. However, due to several surging impacts due to Covid-19, climate change, and social responsibility, general advancements in digital technology have been subsequently changed throughout the industry, affecting the expectations that customers demand from their providers. With this comes the desire for digital convenience, which is why digital technology should be at the centre of everything firms do – allowing businesses to serve their customers better and enhance their experiences. Joe pulls from this point by saying, “We help firms keep ahead of the competition and provide agility when responding to changes in customer or market demand. With our tools, clients can efficiently scale up or down their operations for individual customer-facing departments when needed, responding to the ever-changing environments.” Moreover, considering the firm’s future, Recordsure’s plan is to continue to invest in its team - working together closely to pioneer innovative RegTech solutions that support compliance and deliver value for its clients. Overall, Recordsure will provide state-of-the-art and better value compliance support and customer protection to the industry for 2022 and every year after.