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Issue Section Background - Issue 1 2018
Posted 16th January 2018 — Acquisition International presents...

Issue 1 2018


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Issue 1 2018




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Welcome to the first edition of Acquisition Intl. Magazine this year, the latest developments in the world of corporate finance.

In recent news, people analytics and mental wellbeing to gain favour in the 2018 workplace, as Millennials take over and a shrinking talent pool fiercens the competition for hiring the very best. Perkbox, UK’s fastest growing employee benefits platform, predicts people analytics and mental wellbeing will gain favour this 2018, as the workplace becomes ever more important to employers.

Kickstarting the New Year off, we discover more about Law Firm Zavrsek LLC, a small to medium sized law firm according to Slovenian standards, providing a broad range of services. The lawyers at the firm possess a wide range of experience in different areas of law, and we spoke to Managing Partner, M.Sc. Roman Zavrsek who gave us an overview of this insightful and award-winning law firm.

Elsewhere in the issue, committed to providing innovative cancer care, Proton Partners International is a thriving healthcare company making great strides in the health sector. We profile the organisation and speak to its CEO, Mike Moran, about what the future holds for the company.

Also in this month’s edition Dapesco is a consultancy company that specialises in guiding and advising large organisations about all of the many issues involved with energy management. We learn more about company when we profile the firm and discover more about their evolution since inception.

Lastly, The ISEC7 Group is an innovative global provider of mobile business services and software solutions. We spoke with Marco Gocht as we looked to find out more about the success of the pioneering company and the range of solutions it offers.

Here at Acquisition Intl. Magazine, we hope that you enjoy reading this packed edition and we wish you all the best for 2018.

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