AI Magazine Issue 9 2019 cover
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Welcome to the September issue of Acquisition International magazine! A monthly publication dedicated to providing our readers with up-to-date news and features from across the corporate finance realm. In this month’s packed edition, we cover a vast range of topics from latest acquisitions to new leadership and even award winning law firms.

For instance, we profile Italian law firm, Studio Legale GTA. Since their inception in 2007, the firm has provided legal services to companies across the country, as well as international business with interest in Italy. With countless accolades to their name, we profiled the practice and caught up with Studio Legale GTA’s founder, Giovanni Tretti who informed us more about the innerworkings of the successful firm.

In addition to this we discover more about how for 70 years, Domnern Somgiat & Boonma Law Office has been supporting both domestic and overseas clients and helping them to navigate Thailand’s Intellectual Property Market. Recently, we profiled the firm to learn more about the extraordinary services the team provides, especially under award-winning leadership.

This is just a small glimpse into some of the insightful pieces we have feature in this month’s bumper issue. Here at Acquisition International, we truly hope that you thoroughly enjoy reading our September edition, look forward to hearing from you and your thoughts on this issue.