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Article Image - International Accounting Day 2023: Universal Accounting Center
Posted 6th November 2023

International Accounting Day 2023: Universal Accounting Center

Since 1979, Universal Accounting Center (UAC) has been a post-secondary school for budding accounting, bookkeeping, and tax professionals, delivering premier training, certifications, coaching, and support to help them take their careers to the next level.

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International Accounting Day 2023: Universal Accounting Center
international accounting day universal accounting center

Since 1979, Universal Accounting Center (UAC) has been a post-secondary school for budding accounting, bookkeeping, and tax professionals, delivering premier training, certifications, coaching, and support to help them take their careers to the next level. Whether an individual is looking to build their career or even start their own business, UAC’s training programs provide the skills and knowledge to excel – and get paid what they are worth.

Recognised as the 52nd fastest growing business in Utah in 2022 for the eighth year running and also recently the recipient of the Inc 5000 Award for the sixth time, UAC has certainly carved a solid reputation for itself over the decades. In light of International Accounting Day, we speak to President Roger Knecht to learn more.

“If you are looking to start your own tax practice, Universal Accounting Center will provide you with the training and guidance for success.”

-William O.


The concept of accounting has remained the same for more than 500 years – but the tools to do the work are ever-evolving. From personal computers and software programs, to AI, the cloud, and becoming paperless, the industry is seeing constant change.

“The challenge today isn’t whether the profession remains relevant, but how we interact and retain our clients,” states Roger. “As a school, we yearly update our training and consider tools to help accelerate the success of our alumni to retain and apply what they learn in the real world. From classroom instruction to online training, we are committed to help our clients offer quality accounting services.”

Universal Accounting Center works with individuals who are eager to certify their skills as accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparers. It strives to equip them with the confidence and competence needed to provide their own quality services with the help of a turnkey business plan. As Roger jokingly refers to accounting as the “second oldest profession”, the company seeks to help people realise that job security does exist in accounting. He adds, “I also stress that accounting is the language of business. Regardless of where your career takes you, accounting will always be part of your work experience. It’s an investment that will pay off time and again for the rest of your life.”

“As a non-traditional accountant, I chose this career for the opportunity to help others realise their personal and professional dreams – That continues to draw me to work each day.”

-Roger Knecht, President at Universal Accounting Center


Through comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date online programs such as Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, Quickbooks, and Growing Your Business, UAC is committed to ensuring the success of every one of its students. Each program takes around 3-6 weeks to complete, and are skills-driven. The courses focus on the vital areas of small business accounting, tax preparation, and business fundamentals – meaning that students can become fully qualified without having to spend years studying. In fact, these programs are specifically designed to provide structure and support, so individuals not only become an accounting professional in a matter of weeks, but can become business coaches and advisors themselves as Profit & Growth Experts™ (PGE).

UAC’s programs are indeed brimming with benefits, including the flexibility of online learning allowing individuals to study no matter where they are. Through convenient online video tutorials and easy-to-follow workbooks, they can set the pace and manage their learning around their own daily schedule. With access to resources and support from experienced accounting professionals at any time – even after their program is completed – UAC students are inevitably set up to succeed.

“My experience with Universal Accounting is awesome. I love the flexibility that it brings where I can balance both this and my personal life. I would recommend this to everybody, especially if you are wanting to get into the accounting business.”

-Keenan J.


This training provider’s online offering goes beyond its training programs, too, for it also engages with the world of accounting through quality, informative content shared on its blog, social media, newsletter, and podcast, Building the Premier Accounting Firm. This comes in addition to free professional resources, which are designed to enhance the accounting skill of anyone and everyone, whether small business owner, beginner, or industry veteran. Because, above all, UAC’s devotion lies in helping as many people as it can to better understand accounting principles and techniques so they can go far, no matter their business focus.

Now, to conclude, we ask Roger the very important question of how UAC will be going about celebrating International Accounting Day. “We will be celebrating it with a company-sponsored lunch,” he smiles. “An opportunity to break bread with those we work with and reflect on the impact and successes we are having in the business community.”

As such, Roger has his sights set on the undeniably bright future ahead for Universal Accounting Center, where he and his team look forward to expansion internationally and further helping the global accounting community thrive. We at Acquisition International are truly rooting for the continued success of the organisation and the accounting community!

For business enquiries, contact Roger Knecht, President from Universal Accounting Center via email – rknecht@universalaccounting.com or on their website – www.universalaccounting.com


Social media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rogerknecht/




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