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A UK-based company with headquarters in Oxford, Vizidox Solutions Limited (VDX) are at the forefront of using blockchain technology to provide bespoke data management and tracking solutions that empower businesses. With an influential and focused CEO at the helm, this company aims to grow from strength to strength in the data management market.

At the moment in the data world, every credential certification and verification process can be forged and tampered with. The solutions offered by VDX eliminate this risk by allowing digital credentials to be shared globally over the blockchain to provide proof of ownership. The spectrum this solution can cover is only limited to one’s imagination. Universities can issue tamper-proof education credentials, global retailers can eliminate fake goods from the market, the medical industry can track and manage drug supplies, the scope is infinite for the success of this data management firm.

Spearheading the operation at VDX is founder and CEO Freddy Elturk. Continuously driving the business forward with his expert and diverse knowledge across all areas of technology, Elturk has been an innovator of technology solutions for many years. Recognising that everyone has something unique to offer the team at the company, this influential CEO provides his staff with a platform upon which they can build their strengths.

Decision-making based on calculated risks, great leaders thrive of achieving success after success. CEO Freddy Elturk displays great confidence and personal strength to push the business forward, believing in himself and his ability to achieve. In turn, this encourages the team at VDX to perform confidently and creates a culture of success at the firm in everything they do.

Since graduating with a degree in computer science, Elturk began his career in media and communication at a national radio station before extending into organising large music events. In 2005, he started his own business specialising in IT infrastructure engineering, followed by Energy Groove Media. In 2011, Energy Groove Media successfully partnered with SAE Institute, the world’s largest creative media college. Shortly after this VDX was born, and Elturk has remained the influential CEO since.

Over the years since its inception, Elturk has always strived to put an important emphasis on continuing education. Within the technology industry, he has remained up-to-date with the latest developments by attending courses at Oxford University, MiT, and Harvard Business School amongst others. By remaining at the forefront of developments himself, this CEO has ensured that VDX also remains a leading competitor in the technology industry.

The culture established by Elturk at VDX thrives on a team-based approach. Across the company as a whole, empowering and challenging staff on an individual level is a must as it enables the workplace to collaborate ideas successfully. Amongst the staff, delegating responsibilities and challenging one’s own skills set is essential for a productive journey. As a programmer himself with diverse expertise in media and communication, Elturk ensures he can slot himself into a range of teamwork and get his own hands dirty.

Not simply content to just believe in his own product, Elturk also believes in himself and the team. If life deals out a tough hand, it can be easy to feel sorry for one’s self. However, this CEO believes it is crucial that aspiring businesspeople see these challenges as stepping stones on the way something even greater. Surrounding oneself with inspirational businesspeople who can help achieve great things is paramount to success, and this inspirational leader is keen to listen and gain advice to ensure great things in the future.

The phenomenal successes of this influential leader and his leadership style are down to his strong beliefs, determined approach and willingness to support those around him. Believing in his product, constantly striving for the best, and always being true to himself, Freddy Elturk has cultivated an atmosphere of success and confidence amongst his staff in a time where data transparency and traceability are becoming more and more necessary.

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