When it comes to your marketing, it’s important to have the right tools implemented into your processes to enhance your results, which in turn, could benefit your business.

One example of the many features you could incorporate into your business’ marketing process is speech analytics.

To give you further insight into how this works, we’ll take you through what speech analytics is, how you can obtain it, and what it can do for your marketing.

Speech analytics and call tracking

To understand speech analytics, you first need to explore what call tracking software is, as this is the tool you need to obtain speech analytics.

Using Call tracking software UK, allows you to trace every customer call to the specific marketing sources that produced it. This is an expert analytics tool designed to give you a clear insight into your marketing performance, showing the campaigns driving your calls and which campaigns require tweaking.

Among the many things call tracking provides, one of the features you can use with this software is speech analytics.

This feature transcribes every customer call, on top of the recording you get from call tracking. Not only this, but the software can pick up if any important keywords are mentioned in the call conversation.

These keywords can be established by you and can relate to a wide variety of crucial aspects within your business. For example, this can be keywords surrounding prices, delivery, customer service, purchasing, and much more.

You can even have your calls automatically tagged and scored based on the spoken keywords, helping you highlight which calls show the most valuable leads for your business.

Elevating your business with speech analytics

When using speech analytics in your business, you can significantly improve your marketing efforts in a variety of ways, including:

Optimising your website content – Speech analytics can help you enhance your website content to engage customers and be more primed for search engine optimisation (SEO).

You can use the software to pick up on the keywords being mentioned in calls, to understand what queries are being made by your customers. As a result, you can reflect this information on your website, to more accurately inform your customers.

For example, if you’re continuously receiving queries about pricing, you can make this a focal point in your website content.

You can also include some of the spoken keywords in your website content – as well as searched keywords for your paid ads, highlighted by call tracking. This way, when customers search for these terms, your website can rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Gaining insight into customer needs – Using speech analytics can also help you gain a better understanding of your customer needs, so you can address these in your campaigns.

For instance, you may see that customers are often enquiring about the quality of your products, or the type of services you offer.

Using this information, you can then begin creating campaigns that specifically target these customer needs, such as social media posts focusing on the design, quality, and use of your product.

By meeting the needs of your customers through your marketing, you can more effectively generate leads and sales for your business.

Improve the customer experience – How your customers interact over the phone can be a crucial factor when it comes to making a purchase.

Using speech analytics, you can analyse each call to see how customers are interacting, the purpose of their call, and if they were satisfied when the call ended.

You can then use this information to train your customer service team on how to engage customers over the phone to make sure they have a more satisfying experience when calling.

This can result in an improved experience for customers, who feel valued and prioritised by your business when they call – thus producing increased leads and sales over the phone.

With an expert feature like speech analytics in your business, you’ll have the edge when it comes to marketing, and be able to start cementing yourselves as a top competitor in your industry.