Estate planning is essentially critical for those who are property owners in their later years, and there’s some good reasons
Very few professions are as versatile as that of an accountant. Unlike most skilled workers, including doctors and engineers, the
Whether a property is a small one-star hotel or a massive five-star place of luxury, it makes the community a
business effected by covid
This was particularly the case in companies with a strong connection to tourism, whereas, companies in the tech and communications
While some markets are struggling with an economic downturn, investors have been keeping busy. During the first half of 2020,
mortgage denied
In a post-covid world, mainstream banks and lenders have highlighted a much stricter lending criteria for mortgages, with first-time buyers
A survey executed by MT Finance has found that 40 per cent of brokers in the mortgage industry expect the
Brad Barros
When it comes to Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) and Private Placement Annuity (PPA), the firm that supports you must
The financial sector has had to adjust quickly to the rapidly changing landscape that Fintech innovations have brought. None more so
Structuring a Fair Salary Scale
Once you have decided that you need to hire a new member of staff, you need to think not only
Richard Ney lerex technology
When it comes to looking for a solution that is out of your industry and surrounded by incomprehensible amounts of
How Contactless and Other Modern Payment Methods Can Fight the Spread of COVID-19
Physical contact is the primary culprit behind the unmitigated spread of COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus. This is