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Worldwide Finance Awards

Acquisition International are proud to present the return of the annual Worldwide Finance Awards in 2023. Each year this programme serves to honour those who are firmly at the forefront of the Financial Services sector on a global scale! Thriving in any area of the Finance industry is extremely competitive and fraught with ever developing challenges. Consumer expectations evolve constantly, meaning that strong client relationships and targeted service offerings are paramount. Meeting these expectations is also dependent on a firm’s technological competence, for example the emerging prominence of Open Banking leading to the need for increased data security. This combined with rising inflation rates, market volatility and globally declining economic output means that competition is fierce. The Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 strives to acknowledge those who have expertly adapted to these multi-faceted challenges and set themselves apart from their peers. Eligible candidates for the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 will include any firms or professionals who play a role in the Financial Services industry. Size of business is not a concern for the judging panel, and all candidates will be assessed on their contributions to the industry be it through innovation or supreme customer service. From sole proprietorships to international banking giants, no exclusions will be made so long as the nominated business is in the Finance industry. Firms and professionals most likely to succeed in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023 will demonstrate business practices that are in line with current trends advancing the Financial Services industry. Perhaps you provide a highly personalised service, accurately delivering solutions that meet client demands with precision; or maybe your business has invested intelligently in digital transformation, enabling your adaptation to change in consumer demands or regulatory responsibilities. Alternatively, your business may act as a longstanding, consistent staple that invaluably serves the local community with high quality Financial Services. Overall, winners will display qualities concretely distinguishing them from their competitors. Our unbiased in-house Research and Judging Team thoroughly consider and evaluate each candidate to determine those who have truly shown themselves to be leaders in their field. As well as our complimentary offering, becoming one of our illustrious winners will allow you optional access to a range of promotional materials which harness the Acquisition International platform to raise your professional profile. Our circulation of over 85,000 professionals and high net worth individuals are continually eager to learn about the top talent in Finance! So, if you believe that your business or a business you know of is worthy of recognition, please do not hesitate to submit a nomination using the voting form below. If you would like any further information regarding the Worldwide Finance Awards 2023, you can contact us at nominations@ai-publishing.com.

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