In terms of funding and government support, the elderly population often fly under the radar. However, the John Knox Village of Florida is on a mission to change this for good – indeed, it hopes to provide retirees with a happy and healthy life post-retirement. Read more
The arts are a powerful way to send a message – music, literature, theatre, fine-art, and more, are consumed by people daily. Puffin Foundation West is a non-profit funding organisation that supports cultural and artistic projects, such as prison choirs, dance performances, and the provision of instruments to school children. Read more
Here, we will list three British businesses leading the way and incorporating zero waste strategies. This includes corporations that favour sustainable waste management over zero-waste-to-landfill and waste-to-energy solutions. Read more
As we enter 2022, consumers and employees are looking for transparency and authenticity from companies, with 59% of consumers stating that businesses have a responsibility to social good. Read more
The Conscious Together programme aims to create a more responsible business model for the brand by transforming its processes, innovations, and mindset to reduce its impact on the planet, with four ambitions set to be achieved by 2030. Read more
Here, we explore businesses that were created with reusing and recycling as their core purpose and why they’re important for the wellbeing of the environment. Read more
In 2014, Kelly Stone transformed a decaying national charity into Families Canada—the go-to place for those who work with vulnerable families. Now President and CEO, Kelly is steering Families Canada through a full digital transformation. In addition to a long career in public service centring around the rights and welfare of children, Kelly acknowledges her duty as an influential woman in business and works hard to offer other women starting out the opportunities and tools to reach senior levels of management. Read more
The luxury goods and services market has always been, by its very nature, a wasteful market, but it is now turning itself around in response to consumer demand. Now it is embracing its consumers’ focus on sustainability, as Staff Writer Hannah Stevenson discusses. Read more
In the past year, sustainability has been a growing topic of interest for businesses around the world. With the Paris Agreement fresh on people’s minds, environmental sustainability is no longer a thing of moral grounds, something simply to work towards in the future; sustainability is needed now. Read more
Arcadis is the leading global design and consultancy firm for natural and built assets. Read more
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