CallTower is a cloud-based unified communications, contact centre, and collaboration solutions provider within the telecommunications industry.

CallTower is a cloud-based unified communications, contact centre, and collaboration solutions provider within the telecommunications industry. Its solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing businesses full control over their end users. The company has been awarded Most Innovative Communications & Collaboration Solutions Provider 2023 – USA, in the light of which we take a closer look.

CallTower is a telecoms business changing the way people communicate around the world. Its mission is to enable people to easily connect and get work done. CallTower delivers the world’s most advanced, unified communications, contact centre, and collaboration solutions. These consist of combining powerful voice enablement with its contact centre, productivity tools, and network support to unleash the full power of a modern and enterprise-grade unified communications suite. It delivers comprehensive UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) turnkey solutions.

This is done through collaboration/connecting with any of Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom, or CT Cloud Solutions. The company enables its customers to manage rapidly changing technologies through CallTower Connect, which is a user-friendly portal created and developed in-house. This proprietary system ensures its customers can administer services without expertise in any one technology. This means there’s no need for its customers to hire outside consultants to manage their UCaaS platforms.

CallTower Connect is a revolutionary tool enabling users to easily personalise and control their CallTower services. It is built from the ground up for speed and ease of use. The application is launched from a web browser either by a company administrator or end user to add or manage CallTower hosted Microsoft Teams, Cisco HCS, CT Cloud Voice, CT Cloud SIP, email, and conferencing solutions. CallTower Connect places powerful communication tools within an easy-to-use application. A few clicks is all it takes to customise many phone features using CallTower Connect.

Use of CallTower means the workload of corporate administrators should, and will, decrease as users gain access to a simplified panel where quick changes such as call forwarding, password management, Skype for business conferences, PIN changes, speed dial button assignments, and personalising voicemail profiles can all be carried out easily. There is no need for a call to support as users will be able to navigate the simple to master system themselves. Utilising CallTower’s solutions are a blessing for many of its customers who also greatly value the time savings it grants them.     

CallTower appreciates its customers whom it strongly believes are always what matter the most. It knows that with the evolution of the telecom industry, the support and patronage of its customers is vital. This is what inspires CallTower to meet and exceed expectations in the telecommunications industry. As the market is highly competitive, customer service, ease of use, and price are all major factors to customers.


“In today’s quickly evolving global economy, unified communications solutions empower business strategies to break through boundaries that were once roadblocks. Decision-makers are taking a close look at which solutions boost productivity, collaboration, ease-of-use, and cost effectiveness. Through robust workforce collaboration tools, organisations can enact ROI-boosting productivity initiatives, monitor network usage, collaborate on shared applications, and so much more.”


With its 13 million daily users, CallTower sees Microsoft Teams as a perfect fit for many organisations. It helps deliver increased productivity and collaboration for such users. CallTower is not just the best resource to use for accessing information about Teams for individual users and organisations, but also hands down the top choice to provide Microsoft Teams-with-Voice.

As a customer-centric solution provider, Call Tower is aware not to push a single product on every customer, but to find the solutions that work best for them. For example, it has many customers requiring multiple or hybrid solutions. Since 2002, CallTower has been an industry leader in enabling people to connect, with a portfolio of products reflecting its solution enablement model. The Microsoft Teams Phone System powered by CallTower enables customers to bring their current voice systems into the Microsoft Cloud through direct routing. This ensures the ability to leverage CallTower’s preferred rates and unlocks the full potential of a Microsoft Teams Phone System. 

Another important aspect of CallTower’s suite of unified communications is Zoom. As an international leader in the delivery of cloud-based enterprise-class communications, contact centre, and collaboration solutions, its ability to deliver Zoom Phone is key. Zoom Phone is a cloud-based enterprise phone service enabling organisations to connect from anywhere and collaborate with agility. Zoom Phone is a trusted and scalable cloud-based phone system which enriches CallTower’s enterprise communication offerings. The Zoom Phone experience turns Zoom into a fully featured communication and collaboration product complete with voice, conferencing, messaging, and video all within the same solution.

With CallTower’s Zoom solution and global voice-optimised network, multinational organisations have the opportunity to consolidate multiple business phone systems into a single, unified platform. Business solutions with robust functionality such as Zoom Phone elevate standard phone system features like call forwarding, caller ID, call routing, call recording, and more. CallTower has a robust technology infrastructure, flexible options, and exceptional customer support. This is winning it new business clients of all sizes, whom it is able to seamlessly provide with the ability to transition to Zoom Phone and experience the full benefits of a modern cloud communication system.

Since its inception, Call Tower has evolved into a cloud-based enterprise-class unified communications, contact centre, and collaboration solutions provider for growing organisations worldwide. CallTower provides, integrates, and supports industry-leading solutions including Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, Teams Direct Routing, GCC High Teams Direct Routing, Office 365, Cisco Webex Calling/UCM, Cisco CCPP, Zoom (BYOC), Zoom Phone, CT Cloud UCaaS, and four contact centre options including Five9 for business customers.     

By leveraging the cloud, CallTower is able to offer cost effective solutions that can save businesses money on their communication expenses. Its services are also user-friendly and reliable, so little wonder it has been named as the Most Innovative Communications & Collaboration Solutions Provider 2023 – USA, by the Global Excellence Awards programme. This title recognises the incredible responsive and helpful contact the company provides both to and for its business customers, and is a well-deserved reward for CallTower.

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