Business Investment

Being such a prestigious investor in the world of start-up business, SalesInvest’s name contains two of the biggest driving forces behind this company. Sales – because it believes that sales are the biggest driving factor behind investment, success, and longevity for any budding venture – and investment because that is exactly what it seeks to do: invest in the latest and greatest powerhouses of innovation. With a highly scrutinising eye and discerning taste, it selects only the best and brightest to benefit from its assistance, promising that they will find such aid indispensable throughout their career.

SalesInvest is a company that believes in mastering synergy and investing in people. Nominally, it provides the financial support that budding entrepreneurs and people with bold new ideas need to get started, making its comprehensive network of contacts available to people who value passion, ambition, and have a firm belief that nothing is impossible. It prides itself on helping its clients create the best possible launchpad for their innovations, encouraging the development of clear business models with the help of its highly professional and incredibly dedicated staff to create a product that solves a real and tangible problem for the market segment the customer has in mind.

It has invested millions in companies that it likes over the years it has been in operation, and breathed life into many dreams. Fundamentally, it works with its clients to promote a mindset of sales first; the client can leave the investment part to SalesInvest, and instead focus on sales as the epicentre of the business proposal they have in mind. This allows a client to better define exactly what it is they’re trying to sell, to whom, and to what end, increasing the value of their company to other investors by showing the seriousness with which they are approaching their sales model.

After all, it is by making sales that SalesInvest’s clients will be able to attain capital from Swedish and foreign investors. Selling a part of one’s company on – such as stakes and shares – means the generation of more value later, and shows a willingness to connect and forge a professional network, something that will only endear an entrepreneur to the wider business community. Investing in people, investing in companies, and delivering investments, its efforts have made it and its clients a huge number of lifelong business friends, long-term business relations that result in a support network, an invaluable element of business growth for any start-up.

Over its time as a premium investor, it has noticed that many of the core players in its industry talk a big game on social media, and then deliver vastly under what was promised. It bucks this trend with everything it accomplishes, taking a step back from social media after it received its star on LinkedIn for being in the top 1% of profiles; it is now contactable through its website and WhatsApp, and sees no need to dive back into social media proper, as it thinks too many investment companies can get swept up in the temptations of the timeline and lose sight of the client.

With its multi-disciplinary methods of source analysis, the effort it puts into having an in-depth understanding of the multiple different views and perspectives that guide its field, and the emphasis it puts on the client as the most important part of any transaction, it always looks forward to meeting new people and learning new things. Hoping to encourage a healthy attitude of questioning everything around them, it fosters a sense of inquisitiveness in its clients that it hopes they will take into every other element of their life. Critically, it wishes to give them the means and attitude necessary to take the next big risk that will take them from start-up to front-runner.

This, and its dedication to keeping up with the latest and greatest in customer, supplier, and business partner attitudes, allow it to keep a finger on the pulse of a world that is consistently in flux, remaining ahead of the curve in order to ensure that its clients are similarly prepared for any resulting shifts. In a world that is constantly in flux, this is an invaluable principle to stick to as an investor. Moreover, it helps its customers find their way in this changeable world, developing pathways to success that make room for taking risks and taking full advantage of further opportunities that may come their way.

A person misses 100% of the shots they don’t take, and so SalesInvest wishes to ensure that none of its clients let these pass them by. Giving them the financial backing, business support, and sense of encouragement, they need to reach for the stars, it guides them along the initial few years that they’re in business so that they can get to their feet and remain sustainable throughout their business’s lifetime. Defining the risks they are willing and unwilling to take is also a big part of the business that SalesInvest conducts, and an element of the business that is as adaptable as the rest of it.

Indeed, over its ten years of experience, it has gone from strength to strength, and is excited to showing its clients old and new what rewards they can reap as a result. At the beginning of its lifecycle, it was making between ten and fifteen investments every year, but has reduced that number to between two and three in order to keep its services as tailor made and selective as possible. Being so picky with its investments means that those it does invest in can rest assured they have been selected for all the right reasons, and with many of its business coming from business partners and those in its exclusive network of contacts, it maintains an exemplary reputation. Moreover, it operates with the utmost transparency with those it considers potential investments – and will continue to do this as it moves forward – looking forward to where the future will take it and those it has become the patron of.

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