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Built on Integrity, Innovation, Energy, Value and Trust

Optimizt Technologies offers specialist engineering and technology services to a diverse range of businesses globally, including automobile, medical equipment and heavy machinery to name a few. Recently we caught up with the firm’s Founder and CEO, Jitendra S. Jagtap who revealed more about how company is the best automotive product development consultancy in India for 2019.

Founded in 2010, Optimizt Technologies was formed with the initial aim to become a globally reputed consulting company, which serves a diverse range of industries within the respected field of engineering and technology.

Innovation, economic performance, valued added service and persistence is part of the foundation in which Optimizt Technologies was built on. Today, the firm is approached by worldwide renowned organisations for its diverse service expertise and portfolio, which features product design projects from concept to reality, design validation and testing, design optimization and even prototyping. Delivering these innovative services, is the talented, hard-working and experienced team which forms the foundation of Optimizt Technologies. When discussing the internal culture, Jitendra begins by informing us of the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm.

“Employees performance has been always critical to the overall success of our company. Along with high performing top management team, we believe that our staff also plays very important role in Optimizt Technologies success so far. Since the beginning, the staff’s dedication, smart-work, understanding to execute the business has been phenomenal, and we truly appreciate that our team are pleasant and friendly to each other, as well as being fully supportive to our clients.”

Many of the clients that Optimizt Technologies serves, have discovered the company through references of the firm’s previous work. From Fortune 500 and globally renowned companies, Optimizt Technologies has established a diverse client bases, with many showing their appreciating through feedback regarding the value which has been added to their business through the services delivered.

Throughout the years, the firm have altered the traditional approach of providing services within an expected timeframe and to a certain quality. Instead, the team at Optimizt Technologies have been involving their resources to take ownership in the clients’ business model, providing them with a value added service. By using this approach, Optimizt Technologies have been recognized on a number of occasions for their hard-work, dedication and the level of service they consistently deliver to clients, as Jitendra is keen to explain.

“ Integrity, innovation, energy, value and trust are the key parameters which Optimizt Technologies focuses on as part of their business strategy to achieving success. Both an onsite/nearshore business model has been developed for our existing clients, which has brought more clarity and success to our business. Perfection in project management, well-defined processes, value-added services, strategic partnership and improving resource efficiency by learning and training has also helped us to succeed over the years.”

Looking ahead, Optimizt Technologies’ plans for the future is to initiate marketing in handpicked countries with select technology services in demand, whilst building customer credibility, developing domain expertise and promoting the acceptability of the offshore concept.

In addition to this, the firm also have plans to begin operations in potential countries such as Japan, Germany, North America and Australia to provide nearshore services to potential new clients. Bringing the interview to a close, Jitendra signs off by sharing more of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, revealing where the team hope to be in 2020.

“Ultimately, we have plans to build a brand image, which will enable us to be recognised as a trusted partner in this market. By the mid of 2020, the company will be investing to provide services for latest technologies in its portfolio such as Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Digital Transformation.”

“…the company will be investing to provide services for latest technologies in its portfolio such as Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Digital Transformation.”

Contact: Jitendra S. Jagtap (Founder & CEO)
Company: Optimizt Technologies
Address: 657, 3rd Floor, Oppo to KFC, JM Road, Deccan. Shivajinagar. Pune. 411004. India
Telephone: +91 20 25531040
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