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Taking up the mantle of Chief Finance Officer is a staggering achievement in itself, but it takes a certain kind of person to elevate the position beyond its already crucial role. Hussam Alnouri, CFO of Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC) is one such person, and it’s his passion and overwhelming dedication to the role that has allowed him to expertly govern MBC’s finance function.

As someone who has always had a love for numbers and analytics that ran deeper than the surface level understanding most of us have, Hussam quickly realised where his expertise were best suited, and joined the finance and accounting sphere. Working as a banker whilst pursuing his degree, he was able to garner a solid understanding of the internal operations that partnered finances, which ultimately led to his rapid growth within the industry.

However, it wasn’t until 2002 that he joined MBC as a finance manager. Following the completion of his executive baking studies at Bankakademie and Commerzbank AG, and his time as the Commercial Bank of Syria’s project lead supervisor, Hussam took his career further than he ever had before. Though he started as a finance manager with MBC, over the years, through incredible drive and a passion for his work, Hussam was appointed as the group’s CFO in 2018.

Through his role as CFO, Hussam is able to apply his wealth of knowledge and experience in order to not only manage the MBC’s finance function, but to completely spearhead it. From organisation, to the overseeing of the collective’s financial activities, Hussan applies his diverse understanding of the finance and accounting sphere in order to serve as the group’s financial backbone.

Additionally, as a result of MBC’s incredibly impressive reach, Hussam consistently brings an undeniable professionalism to the role that allows him to coordinate the financial positions of several companies and joint ventures spanning a wide variety of countries. The MBC is a group that encompasses a range of business streams, including linear TV, radio, an OTT platform in the form of Shahid, social media, original TV productions, music production and publishing, gaming, and events. Its catalogue is so incredibly varied, which means it takes a truly skilled individual to pilot its financial function. But how does Hussam accomplish this monumental feat?

When we discussed with Hussam about how he manages the responsibility of his CFO position so effectively, he expressed how he revolves his strategies around securing a robust financial position for the company. Partner this with his dedication towards accumulating sustainable top-line growth, continuously optimising margins, implementing proactive tax planning, and efficiently managing cash flow, and you’ve got a man whose prowess truly matches his passion.

In addition to this impressive array of highly developed skills, Hussam also brings forward a unique understanding of the industry that only serves to enhance his professionalism. He recognises that, in accordance with the industry as a whole, it’s a CFO’s responsibility to have a firm grasp on adaptations and evolutions as they occur. Be it fluctuating indexes, recessions, or political instability, a CFO should be able to remain agile in order to keep up with the trends. By adhering to this mindset, Hussam has secured a steadfast position within the industry that leaves him prepared for anything.

This, partnered with his unique leadership style, makes for an incredibly successful financial department that’s able to help MBC truly shine. When explaining his approach towards managing his team, Hussam detailed how he believes in establishing clear expectations. He recognises the importance of each employee being aware of their career objectives, but sees it far more important for a unified focus to play a part in encouraging strength between co-workers. Stepping outside of your comfort zone often heralds a plethora of results, and Hussam is at the forefront of promoting this message to his team.

Following alongside the belief that success is a constantly evolving term that keeps moving with the progression of the industry, Hussam commits himself to constantly raising his personal bar in order to keep learning. He has a myriad of aspirations that he’s working towards, despite his position, and sees it as incredibly beneficial to constantly outdo your best in order to become the penultimate version of yourself.

We believe Hussam puts it best when he states that “… Holding the position of CFO is not enough; today’s CFOs should embrace the concept of being “learning CFOs.” This means constantly evolving and upgrading your skillset and knowledge. By continually developing ourselves, we are better equipped to drive growth and progress within our organisations. Never stop learning!”. This piece of crucial advice cements Hussam’s inspirational mindset, and it’s something that clearly defines his outlook on how he’s choosing to progress.

Hussam is a unique individual within the financial sphere. His acceleration is a direct product of his irrefutable determination, and yet he seeks to uplift those around him through the skills that he’s accumulated throughout his many years of constant learning. He expresses how a winning mindset it what drives the industry forward, and that this perspective is shared throughout the entirety of MBC.

As time progresses, so too do the requirements of financial departments. It’s no longer reserved for back-end reporting – CFOs and financial operators are now able to actively collaborate with business partners throughout various lines of business, which culminates in these individuals becoming an invaluable asset to any team. As a CFO, Hussam encourages mutual respect through partnership, empowerment, and trust, and it’s this approach towards his role that makes him a truly outstanding expert in his field.

We’re proud to award with Hussam with the title of Best Broadcast Media CFO 2023 (Middle East). There is nobody who’s more deserving of it than he is. And, given his determination to continuously excel and increase his skill beyond its already impressive level, we’re sure that the future is bright for this inspirational CFO.

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