Science is moving at a remarkable rate, and no area more so than that of Biotech. This branch of the applied sciences sees specialists harnessing the potential that nature has to offer to benefit mankind. A leader is in this research is the team at Dyna Biotech. As one of India’s leading biotech equipment manufacturers, with years of success behind them, we thought we’d take a closer look to find out more.

Since 2013, the team at Dyna Biotech has been leading the field when it comes to the creation of biotech equipment. In a pioneering sector, companies need a manufacturer that they can rely on to deliver equally pioneering resources. That’s the team have always aimed to deliver and is what they excel at.

The firm was started by Mr. Vinodkumar Patil, a qualified microbiologist and an exceptional engineer. It’s this combination of skill and ability that has allowed him to develop Dyna Biotech to the extraordinary high standard it holds today. It was not just his academic talent that led to Dyna Biotech, however. Over the years, Mr. Patil has taken on increasing responsibilities at a number of firms, including Lupin, B. Braun Biotech (Germany), Sartorius, Shantha Biotech (Sanofigroup company) and Serum Institute.

When Mr. Patil established the firm, it was with this immense knowledge of the field in mind. His aim with Dyna Biotech, however, was to act specifically as a gamechanger within India’s biotech industry. There was a great deal of potential for growth in the sector, but this was hampered by a lack of knowledge, resources, and the ability of firms to scale quickly. With expertise in antibiotics production, steroid biotransformation, cell culture, vaccine process development, production, scale-up, optimization, validation and product launch, he knew he could start his own business and quickly bring it up to speed with the key players in the global market.

The priority in those early days was to create a company with the ability to adopt innovative technologies quickly and allow India a foothold on the industry. This, Mr. Patil has achieved with astonishing success. The country has moved forward rapidly over the last seven years, with Dyna Biotech providing an enviable benchmark for quality in the industry at large. Mr. Patil’s firm has proven capable of delivering a wide range of Biotechnology and Biopharma equipment, tackling the complex steps of manufacturing, validation, installation and service without fuss or delay. Clients have often complimented the team on their ability to deliver truly astonishing results.

What started in 2013 as a goal of providing predictive and personalized systems saw the team quickly move into the niche of developing highly specialized automated fermentor, bioreactor manufacturing. This ability has remained key to the brand ever since, with Dyna Biotech products able to achieve more output at fermentation and better yields in the downstream processing. This success comes from an approach which sees the team constantly and deliberately trying to improve every aspect of the system. The team reinforce their dedication to all through continual product and process improvement.

The mission of Dyna Biotech has always been clear, namely to make strategic investments in research and development that will benefit clients. These investments see the teams existing range of products constantly expanding, not just in terms of new products, but in new applications. This ensures that the team is constantly moving forward, in line with its pioneering promise. The ability to deliver such an impressive product portfolio is why clients continue to turn to the team with their own complex needs.

Of course, in the business world, the promise of a pioneering approach is not enough to secure success. Under Mr. Patil’s care, the firm has ensured that it applies a commercial aspect to its approach. Clients are supported through a comprehensive customer service program, while the team have a commitment to deliver the product on time. This commitment is essential to the success of Dyna Biotech, and is why so many clients continue to turn to the firm when they require assistance.

When the team at Dyna Biotech take on a project, it must go through many phases before the production process can begin. The first of these, understandably, is research and development. While the team have already created a system of constant improvement, the needs of the individual client guide this stage throughout the development process. A highly experienced and motivated team are on hand to ensure that new products meet every single need that a client has. The research and development team target their years of expertise at every problem, finding innovative ways to ensure that systems meet the requirements of every application.

Often, this involves building on work that has already been done with highly automated machines in the field of biotechnology and microbiology. Dyna Biotech has an exceptional track record when it comes to new ideas generation, new product development, dedication in the field and value additions in product. The team are equally adept when it comes to designing new biotech facilities or modifying existing facilities to meet the needs of a growing business.

The process of development is always ongoing, even when products move into the manufacturing stage. This research can be carried onto later projects, or new equipment batches requested by the client. The nature of the manufacturing process at Dyna Biotech means that each product is not only bespoke, but often has no previous testing undertaken. Clients can rest easy, knowing that a key part of their equipment list is supported with documentation that includes Design Qualification (DQ), Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification(OQ), Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT) and Performance Qualification (PQ) Test. This high level of accreditation is why people keep coming back to what Dyna Biotech has to offer.

Finally, when all is complete and installed in its new home, the Dyna Biotech team don’t see their job as complete. A comprehensive service and support system has been established to ensure that the new equipment meets the necessary requirements. Like all aspects of Dyna Biotech, it is built on a system of qualified and experienced personnel who are available around the clock to ensure that your biotech operation is not slowed down. The team understand that their equipment is often a vital, and unique, part of a firm’s operations and any fault can lead to spoiled work and an incredible backlog of work. The service engineers employed by Dyna Biotech provide process trouble shooting, automation updates, process expert visits and consultancy services to guarantee the smooth running of every system.

The success of Dyna Biotech is a credit to the hardworking team, led forward by Mr. Patil. His ambition is why the firm has thrived over the years, with innovation and revolution at the core of the company. As standards continue to escalate, and the ambition of biotechnology continues to increase, the need for firms like Dyna Biotech to rise to the challenge is clear. Fortunately, it’s something that this team every time with considerable aplomb.