Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an important right, yet too many people are unaware of exactly what workers’ comp is or what you’re entitled to. To set the record straight, take a look at these seven misconceptions about workers’ comp insurance now:


1. Workers’ Comp Never Pays Out

Making a workers’ compensation claim might seem like an unnecessary hassle, but it can certainly be worthwhile. Statistics show that workers’ comp claims pay out more than $62 billion each year, so why miss out on the funds you’re entitled to?


2. Getting Injured at Work in Atlanta is Rare

Sadly, millions of people sustain workplace injuries every year. In fact, in private industry, 2.2 instances of workplace injuries per 100 full-time equivalent workers were reported in 2020 alone. With so many people sustaining work-related harm in Atlanta, it’s vital that everyone knows their rights when it comes to claiming workers’ compensation.


3. You Can Only Claim If Your Employer Was Negligent

Workers’ comp is designed to pay out regardless of who was at fault, so don’t hesitate to start your claim, even if you’re not sure who is technically liable for the incident. While you may be eligible to take other types of legal action if your employer was negligent, you don’t need to prove who was at fault to successfully obtain workers’ compensation.


4. You Can’t Claim for Illnesses

Workers’ compensation can be paid out for work-related illnesses, as well as injuries. Throughout 2020, private industries saw a sharp rise in the number of reported illnesses with more than 500,000 million cases being recorded.


5. You Won’t Get Much Compensation

When you make a successful workers’ comp claim, the amount you receive will depend on various factors, including the severity of your injury, the impact it has on your day-to-day life, and the cost of your medical treatment. Compensation often ranges from $18,000 to $27,000, with the average payout being recorded as $21,800. However, statistics also show that claimants tend to receive more compensation if they hire a lawyer to assist them with their workers’ comp claim.


6. There’s No Time Limit on How Long You’ve Got to Claim

Many people are unaware that there are strict deadlines in relation to claiming workers’ compensation, which means they are missing out on their chance to obtain the compensation they’re entitled to. If you’ve been hurt at work or contracted a work-related illness, check the workers’ comp regulations in your area to determine how long you’ve got to make a claim.


7. Making a Claim is Easy

Making a claim should be simple and straightforward, but it rarely is. From figuring out what type of compensation you’re entitled to and submitting the right documentation, obtaining compensation can be trickier than you think. With help from a workers’ comp attorney, however, you can increase your chances of making a successful claim and ensure that you meet the regulatory requirements for a timely payout.


Taking Action After a Workplace Accident

If you’ve been hurt at work or you’ve lost income because of a work-related illness, it’s vital to find out what your rights are. With the right professional advice, you can simplify the claims process and get the workers’ comp you deserve.