The London based company in the Information Technology sector, International Professional GAUGE Development (IPGD PLC.), recently enjoyed success in the 2017 Business Elite Awards – UK. We interviewed the firm’s Nidal Alsaafeen to find out more about the company and his reflections on receiving this prestigious accolade.

International Professional GAUGE Development (IPGD PLC.) is a limited liability company (LLC), specialised in providing business intelligence management solutions, business continuity management systems (BCMS) and consulting services to its clients, with a focus on business automation. The company provides products and services range from setting strategies to a completely integrated business management solution implementation.
“It’s an honour for us to be selected for the 2017 Business Elite Award – UK. It is beautiful to see our hard work being appreciated by important parties, but at the same time we have a responsibility towards our client, that is to keep offering the best and to continuously developing the company’s products services.
“This recognition means a lot, it is an encouragement for us to give more and work harder, to present the valuable products and services we offer.

“We are a strong company, with our expert team and in terms of the clients we serve. We are confident that what we have to offer is the best in the information technology sector and that the work we do is special for the clients. Our company can to compete in the market, regardless of the strength of the competitors and economic challenges we face. As long as we are maintaining the same high quality services for our special clients, then we can thrive in these challenging times.

Nidal adds that IPGD’s reputation in the market and with the clients is great, and that they are well-known as a high qualified and professional company. In summary, the company’s areas of expertise are:

Solutions: – ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system; – SCM (Supply Chain Management); – CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and; – HRMS (Human Resource Management System).

Consultations: – TQM (Total Quality Management); – BQMS (Business Continuity Management System); – Business Process Engineering / Reengineering; – Qualifying RPO for the financial market and; – Software and mobile app development.

“In terms of our future aspirations, I would say that first of all, we want to become the business intelligence management solution partner of growth and success and to partner with world class software solution providers. It is also very important that we continue to provide innovative solutions for industries, based on quality products and services as well as becoming the company that IT professionals seek to work for. The challenges are to keep track with international standards (CMM, ISO, QMS, BCMS, TQM, ITIL, IAM, etc.) and to expand our company’s geographical coverage into the Middle East.”

“Additional challenges include upcoming technological changes and development and competition from other firms. It is vital that we stay up to date with our solutions in the industry we work in as part of the wider world economy.”