We are a Tunisian law firm of international standing specialised in business law, recently chosen as part of the ‘2016 African Excellence’ awards. We provide solutions to the many legal issues a company may face today and offer expertise in all fields of business law.

Highly involved with all of our clients, we assist them throughout the life of the project: from the conception and creation, as it develops and legal issues arise, including special transactions in Tunisia or abroad. We do this by providing our clients with the most advanced knowledge, competence and technical means available.

Experienced in all fields of business law, our attorneys are attentive and listen proactively to understand the real needs of the client. In addition, we always look out for the best interests of the client and provide a custom-fit, personalised service for companies of any size or field of operation.

We are members of several international networks and are known by the most famous international business lawyers, indeed our attorneys have built up personal and privileged relationships with the greatest lawyers abroad. This competitive advantage allows our clients access to the most effective and specialised solutions at anytime, anywhere in the world.

El AJERI Lawyers works with a large number of clients, both those in traditional industry sectors and those in the field of innovation. We play an important leading role in consulting, representation and business assistance. Every day, we represent and assist world leaders in their field.

Our clients include:
– Tunisian and foreign companies;
– Companies listed on the stock exchange
or not;
– Emerging companies and;
– Foreign investors.

For more information on the services we offer, feel free to browse our website.

Company: El AJERI Lawyers
Name: Mohamed lotfi EL AJERI, Managing Partner