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Posted 29th September 2016

The Best Practice

Based in Houston, Texas, Tumey L.L.P. now has offices in two different locations, with a second office located in the growing area of The Woodlands/North Houston, but what are the secrets behind the firm’s success?

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The Best Practice

Based in Houston, Texas, Tumey L.L.P. now has offices in two different locations, with a second office located in the growing area of The Woodlands/North Houston, but what are the secrets behind the firm’s success?

Tumey L.L.P was established more than ten years ago by Tod Tumey. Tod Tumey was joined at Tumey L.L.P. in 2009 by Corey Tumey. With our second location, we are one of the only intellectual property boutique firms with an office in The Woodlands/North Houston area, which is home to many new and expanding energy, healthcare, and professional services corporations. Furthermore, with our growing domestic and international practice and client base, Tumey L.L.P. has future prospects to expand into other domestic locations as well as international locations.

Tod Tumey and Corey Tumey are the senior partners of Tumey L.L.P, and their expertise and experience has allowed the firm to have such a long period of success. Tod Tumey is the managing partner of the firm and has a very expansive international practice with clients and cases spanning throughout the world. He has a wide breadth of practice that includes intellectual property acquisition and evaluation, portfolio management, counselling, litigation, freedom-to-operate analysis and opinions, patent and trademark prosecution, and business transactions related to intellectual property.

As for Corey Tumey, he practices in all areas of intellectual property law, including U.S and foreign patent preparation and prosecution, U.S. and foreign trademark prosecution, freedom-to-operate and opinions, and intellectual property litigation.

Patent attorneys of Tumey L.L.P. also include a former Deputy Commissioner of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, John Love, who has provided expert reports and served as an expert witness on patent matters in numerous patent infringement lawsuits.
At Tumey L.L.P, we work as a collaborative partner with organisations of all sizes from universities and start-up companies to regional and major international corporations. We work to understand the businesses of our clients as well as their visions for future success, which allows us to provide not only legal but also strategic representation. With a large international practice and many clients based around the world, we provide our clients with valued expertise on their United States based matters as well international matters in any market.

Additionally, Tumey L.L.P. works with our clients to maximise their legal resources. We understand each client’s needs and budgetary resources. Therefore, we offer alternative fee arrangements ranging from partial and full contingent fee arrangements on matters such as litigation, licensing, and asset sales to equity shares in lieu of fees.

Looking closer at the services we provide, Tumey L.L.P. specialises in intellectual property law including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Professionals of Tumey L.L.P are licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This aspect of the practice involves the preparation and prosecution of applications for patents, trademarks, and copyrights in the United States and foreign countries.

Moreover, Tumey L.L.P. provides services in drafting and negotiating intellectual property transactions. Such transaction practice includes assisting clients with intellectual property licensing, technology transfer agreements, consulting agreements, contracts, development and manufacturing agreements.

Alongside this expertise, we provide counselling concerning intellectual property rights. Such counselling includes freedom-to-operate analysis, rendering opinions on patent validity and noninfringement, trademark and service mark clearance and registration, advice on international strategies, portfolio review, and advice on portfolio growth and profitability. Tumey L.L.P. also provides advice on the selection, design, and use of trademarks and service marks; recommendations on the protection of inventions; and counselling with respect to trade secret protection.

As with many intellectual property firms, we also work heavily in disputes concerning trademark, trade secret, contract, cyber piracy, unfair competition, and patent litigation. Tumey L.L.P. has also been involved in numerous patent postgrant review matters as well as cancellation and opposition matters in numerous countries.

As a result of our success, Tumey L.L.P. has been accorded media recognition for the firm’s expertise and has been distinguished by American Lawyer Media as a Go-To Law Firm by Fortune 500 Companies. We believe these accolades as well as this recognition by Acquisition International will spur us on to even further success.

Company: Tumey L.L.P

Email: mrobinson@tumeyllp.com

Web: www.tumeyllp.com

Address: 7500 San Felipe St # 440, Houston, TX 77063, United States

Phone: 1 713 622 7005

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