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Cogeco Peer 1 are a highly innovative company whose services eradicate IT complexity and let companies focus on achieving extraordinary market advantage by building high performance business-optimised platforms. But how is this achieved?

We are a company who lives and breathes technology. With our suite of ICT solutions, Cogeco Peer 1 supplies its customers with the fast, reliable and secure ability to access, manage, move and store large amounts of data worldwide. Furthermore, our wholly-owned, all optical, redundant network and secure, ‘always on’, tier three-quality data centres provide some of the world’s largest companies and public sector organisations with near limitless bandwidth and secure facilities for hosting and storing mission-critical data.

Perhaps our most popular service is our cloud platforms and solutions which provide our clients with the freedom and flexibility to design platforms that truly fit their applications. From our experience, many businesses are tired of the one-size-fits-all approach of current cloud providers. With our services, they can free themselves from the complexity of trying to fit it to their business and IT processes. As such, we offer a comprehensive, expertly-managed range of cutting-edge cloud solutions that are tailored to fit to our clients’ business, enabling them to focus on what on their growing and developing their business.

We understand that it’s hard to run a business with today’s demanding customers. A Cogeco Peer 1 cloud platform enables business with both the flexibility and controls it needs. With this solution, businesses really can experience a powerful boost to their current business performance.

Moreover, for businesses that need the public cloud to work with them private cloud and prem-based Infrastructure, we provide hybrid infrastructure solutions. With this platform, we combine public, bare metal, and private cloud environments to get the best hybrid infrastructure for our clients’ organisation. Equally as innovative to our cloud solutions are the hosting solutions that we provide for our clients. Cogeco Peer 1’s hosting solutions provide our clients with the power, performance and resiliency that support even the most demanding online applications, all backed by our FirstCall Promise™.

No matter how advanced your website, mobile app, real-time bidding or rich media site may be, it’s irrelevant if your end users can’t experience it the way you intended.

With technology advancing rapidly, so are the expectations of the millions who are plugged into these media-intensive sites. The end goal is an entirely immersive experience—one uninterrupted by any latency or downtime caused by the infrastructure  underpinning your application. That requires speed, reliability and proactive hosting support. Achieving this in-house can be complicated and costprohibitive, and using the wrong hosting provider can be disastrous. With this in mind, Cogeco Peer 1’s hosting solutions provide you with the power, performance and resiliency that support even the most demanding online applications.

And of course, Cogeco Peer ‘s top priority is our clients’ security. At every level, within every physical location, and across all our network, cloud and hosting platforms, we provide a range of robust and up-to-date security measures, as well as additional value-added security services. Digital threats are on the rise, with more advanced malware and higher profiled attacks, and we are constantly looking at different ways to counteract these and ensure that our clients’ businesses are safe from cybercrime.

With thousands of peering partners, the Cogeco Peer 1 FastFiber Network is at the heart of this digital revolution and delivers data across the globe for some of the world’s most ambitious companies. Our investments into designing, building and evolving our proprietary global network has grown to spans multiple continents and supports petabytes of data.

In actual fact, very few IT providers own their own networks — and only Cogeco Peer 1 has successfully run and refined one for over a decade. With over 10,100 Gbps lightning fast speeds, redundant links, and resilient platform delivered over an intelligent converged core our customers experience incredible speed at performance with ultra-low latency for the most demanding applications.

Our global network operations centre (NOC) experts support customers every minute of every day and continuously monitor and re-route data for optimal low-latency routes. With thousands of kilometres of fast internet fiber that links together our global data centres in Europe and North America we help deliver our customers data to wherever it needs to get to. We operate and manage it all.

Ultimately, we are company that is passionate about providing businesses with highly innovative IT solutions. Regardless of the business’ size and scale, we are determined to ensure that they receive the best solutions possible.

Company: Cogeco Peer 1