Am Badar & Partners is one of the leading intellectual property (IP) firms in Indonesia. The firm was founded by Mr Toetoen Ambadar, SH and established as legal entity in September 1965. Now it is one of the most prestigious law firms in the field of intellectual property rights in Indonesia. We offer a wide range of specialist services for the prosecution, protection, commercialisation, enforcement and management of all types of IP in Indonesia.

All members of the firm are highly qualified and well versed in the subjects of their specialisation. The work of or firm is dealt with by professional staff of IP administration, IP technological experts and IP litigators. The firm’s work covers all areas of legal practice, with a special focus on intellectual property laws and their applications. Am Badar & Partners has hundreds of associates and foreign agents, all of which represent thousands of applications for intellectual property rights all over the world.

In order to develop the work of Am Badar & Partners, we have become members of several international organisations in intellectual property rights such as INTA, AIPPI, APAA, and UPS. We offer a wide range of specialist services for the protection, commercialisation, enforcement and management of all types of IP in Indonesia.

Industrial Design

We have handled industrial design applications with the Indonesian Design Office. According to Industrial Design Law no. 31 of 2000, the industrial design is defined as the creation of the shape, configuration or the composition of lines or / and colours. It can also incorporate the combination of this in a three or two-dimensional form, which gives an aesthetic impression and can be realised in two or three dimensional patterns, and for products, goods industrial commodities for example.

There are many industrial designs that we handle, including ceramics, bottles, car design, food packaging, dolls and the shape of pens, motorcycles and cigarettes. We handle industrial design applications from domestic and foreign companies. It is worth noting that industrial design will be protected for 10 years in Indonesia and this period, its design will be in the public domain.

We can see the total number of industrial design applications filed by domestic and foreign companies with Indonesian Design Office from 2012 up to 2015 as listed below. Besides handling industrial design applications, we also give the legal opinion relating to the possibility of the infringement of the industrial design itself.

Helping clients protect their copyright

By conducting a private investigation and sending a warning letter (and also providing comprehension) to the infringer of our client’s copyright. Beside sending the above mentioned activities, we also suggest to our client that even though the Indonesian copyright system is a declarative, we still suggest our client to file the registration of their copyrights.

Unique selling points

Our company focus in handling IP and related IP matters only and we are supported by monitoring system for handling IP matters.

Specific trends in the IP industry

The Indonesian government recently published the new Indonesian Patent Law No. 13 of 2016 on August 26th 2016. There are a new things regulated in the new law, including that the new Indonesian patent law does not implement a null and void situation anymore, if the patent holder does not fulfil their obligation to pay the annual fees. In the meantime, according to the above article, a patent will automatically be deleted by the Patent Office if the patent holder does not pay the annual fee within the period specified in article 126, namely six months from the issuance date of the patent certificate.

Finally, we admire the business who can put trust in their people, and demonstrating the quality of professionalism above everything else. We are developing our online database and registration services for trademark searches, patents, trademarks, design and also copyright filing. With these tools, our clients can access the latest status of their applications.

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