Most Innovative Firm in Hungary

SBGK has been a significant actor in the Hungarian legal professional market since the 1970’s. It stands out with the thorough knowledge of the intellectual property law practice area. The firm was established in 1969 by the association of the most competent attorneys at law and patent attorneys in the area of patent, trademark and copyright law. The list of practice areas extended with commercial and corporate law and after the political change with competition law, which resulted in significant growth of international clientele. At the same time SBGK kept its leading position in the growing competitive environment.

The members of the firm have been dealing with innovations and research and development projects during the course of digital revolution. In connection with that they concluded that innovation could be accomplished in the field of law as well, especially in providing legal services. Not only the developing the Hungarian industry, but the expansion of branches of law demands an innovative environment, which is manifested in both the technical support and the way of thinking. There is an ever growing demand from clients to attend their matters promptly that may be achieved by utilizing time with software solutions

Standing out from the crowd

SBGK recognised in early stages, that the economic growth and expanding legislation will result in demand for legal services, thus eventually in multiplication of legal firms and the over-supply of the competitor’s services. In order to stay competitive, SBGK is providing quality work at reasonable rates which is due the technical support and the restructuring of the internal work, and most importantly training of our attorneys. SBGK stands out from the crowd not only with its history and prestige, but also with its corporate culture and values respected and represented by its members.

Remaining competitive in the 21st Century

In the 21st century, observing the clients’ economic decisions we learned, that you can only stay competitive if you position correctly your professional knowledge, your clients and your rates. We can provide the local knowledge in an international law firm style with we believe that stay more competitive than the big international law firms. In relation to smaller local law firms, we stay ahead by responsiveness to the client’s needs which can be achieved with proper and well equipped support staff, thus allowing our attorneys to focus on solely on legal work.

Standing out from the competition

We can provide steady and continuous services for our clients at reasonable rates, so our competitors cannot offer a real alternative that could weaken the loyalty of our clients. We also maintain close relationship with most of our clients, therefore our goal is always to solve their problem in the most efficient way possible. That is to say we always evaluate their matters from an economic perspective as well and have tailor-made our services accordingly.

Clients represented

SBGK represents Hungarian and foreign clients from the small- medium- sized enterprises as well as international blue chip companies. The firm also helps many innovative companies, including startups, who aim for economic results by the utilisation of their own intellectual properties. Our clients attend conferences organised by us, read the articles published by the firm, or listen to our professional lectures, or often another client of ours recommends us to them. We take special care when approaching new clientele and in follow up procedures in order to receive good client feedback and satisfaction.

The role of people in the firm

The success of the firm is owed to our professionally well-prepared and enthusiastic staff exclusively; indeed, their professional work is the link between our firm and clients. It goes without saying that our long term success can only be maintained with ever continuing learning and adaptation to our client’s needs. Attorneys must not only possess the best knowledge in their practice areas, but also have to be good sales man and psychologist too. Opportunities in 2016 and beyond The efficiency of the firm is highly influenced by the state of the Hungarian economy, so the biggest challenge is the efficiency of our clients. Furthermore, the European Unitary Patent System and its expected effects can influence the further activities of the firm, particularly with the involvement in cross border patent litigation. In this field we started the training of our attorneys, if they have to represent either a foreign or a Hungarian client in a patent case in front of Unitary Patent Courts.

Company: SBGK Attorneys at
Law and Patent Attorneys
Name: Dr. Katalin Szamosi,
managing partner and president
Address: Andrassy ut 113.,
1062 Budapest, Hungary
Telephone: +3614611000