Easing the Strains of Relocation

Relocation – The Challenges of Moving Forward

Permit Pro provides specialised immigration services for expatriates and their family who plan to work and live in Malaysia. We offer professional immigration service to clients in different industries, by providing immigration advisory services and administrative support for all aspects of submission procedures, at various approving agencies in Malaysia.

Malaysian employment passes are divided into categories of the unskilled and skilled labour force, as well as the foreign maid and expatriate. Permit Pro only renders support for the expatriate group which we have specialised in over the years. The firm provides personalized service to each client in managing their immigration needs, which involves end-to-end support starting from advisory service, handling the online processing of applications and managing all submission procedures at the relevant government offices.

We have a group of trained and experienced consultants, who manage their respective client portfolio and they are complemented by our capable in-house operations support staff, who handle the ground work at the offices of various government agencies.

Proficient personnel
Permit Pro is led by a team of very proficient personnel who have many years of experience applying for passes for various types of industries. We are familiar with all types of business set-ups in Malaysia and the unique requirements each one encounters when applying for employment passes.

Our objective is to provide the best possible service without compromising on the quality and integrity of each application. The team is alert to the everdeveloping policies at the Malaysian Immigration Department and are fully aware that the successes of our services require clear knowledge and understanding of the department’s requirements and also our client’s needs.

Client base overview
Over 70% of our client base consists of large multinational corporations (MNCs) across a wide range of industries. They include construction, engineering, telecommunications, hospitality services, oil and gas, finance, aerospace, automobile, education, information technology and manufacturing.

While many leaders are confronted by logistical, legal and human resource issues that hinder their relocation plans, how is your firm able to offer sound solutions as businesses seek to navigate the strains of relocating?

Over the years, Permit Pro have developed a keen understanding of procedures at the Immigration Department. At Permit Pro, we are acutely aware of the challenges facing businesses with increasing need for globally mobile personnel. The firm is committed to ensuring efficient and hassle free applications by working closely with both the clients and the authorities.

Through our strategic alliance with some of our international network partners, Permit Pro have had the valuable exposure and experience of working with global standards and expectations. We have factored in the experience garnered over the years into the way we approach our work, which helps us cater to the specific requirements of clients from various backgrounds. Permit Pro constantly seeks to learn and adopt the ever-changing trends of international businesses, so that we provide services which constantly remain relevant to the needs of the client at all times.

Support to relocating businesses – making the process as smooth as possible
Permit Pro is sensitive to the fact that relocating employees with families to a foreign destination is not an easy task. Hence, we ensure that ample planning is made to ensure a seamless process, so that all formalities are attended to diligently and in a timely manner. Information shared by the client from the start of the relocation process are studied beforehand, so we channel the same into the action plan to ensure seamless submission procedures are maintained.

The firm provide the client with regular updates throughout the steps of an application, while taking a central role in ensuring all coordination efforts are well managed. A single point contact will be created for client’s ease of reference, and supported by second liners comprising senior staff, for technical support (there are senior consultants or managers who will be brought in for cases where escalation or troubleshooting are required). Essentially, we will hold the client’s hands through the entire process, so that they are guided every step of way until the cases are successful completed.

Economic and business challenges and changes are a constant in the present climate of global development and mobility. Our goal is to keep abreast and ahead of these challenges. While we seek to keep to our business goals realistic, we are fully aware of the ever growing and demanding business opportunities in the Malaysian market.

Permit Pro constantly look to improving our work by careful training of our staff and applying technology wherever necessary to increase efficiency. Permit Pro will continue to explore opportunities by servicing businesses locally and abroad and widening our business affiliations with international immigration firms. mWe strive to do our bit to make working in Malaysia hassle-free.

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