Deal of the Year: Dubai Investments Completes Acquisition in Al Mal Capital

Dubai Investments PJSC is a leading investment company listed on the Dubai Financial Market with over 19,800 shareholders and a paid-up capital of AED 4 billion. Incorporated in 1995, the company has grown exponentially with investments in businesses across key sectors, ranging from investments, processing industries, mergers & acquisitions to real estate management, in the UAE and around the Middle East.

Since its inception, Dubai Investments has challenged the norms and introduced cutting-edge technologies, pioneering business models, unique investment strategies and innovative concepts. Dubai Investments currently has around 40 subsidiaries & joint ventures under its portfolio, and continues to seek new investment opportunities in new sectors, locally and internationally, as part of its strategic expansion plans to become a global conglomerate.

Dubai Investments’ vision is to provide the best quality by delivering superior management performance and top-of-the-line services to its investors. An integral part of this vision is delivering superior returns to the shareholders, consistent with the company’s pre-defined risk profile and comparable to other bestin- class corporations.

The company strives to increase the value of the business while maintaining high ethical values and a commitment to the development of society through integrity and fair business practices.


Dubai Investments mission is aimed at adding value and expanding the investment portfolio through sound corporate citizenship, financial engineering, network of relationships and financial resources.

Investment philosophy
Dubai Investments’ philosophy is distinguished by a commitment to integrity, responsibility, performanceand innovation. The company’s decisions and practices are founded on proficient analysis from both regional and global perspectives and maintaining a
consistent-yet-dynamic investment style based on a well-defined and structured process.

Through prudent use of capital, professional management skills, and a rigorous investment strategy that meets the needs of the clients in establishing, acquiring or forming joint venture companies throughout the region, Dubai Investments is moving steadily towards becoming the leading investment company in the Middle East.

Al Mal Acquisition
In June 2015, Dubai Investments completed the acquisition of 59.66% stake in Al Mal Capital PSC, which when allied to the 1.20% stake earlier held by the Company, equated to an overall shareholding of 60.86%.

Established in 2005, Al Mal is a diversified investment institution, licensed and regulated by Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and headquartered in Dubai with a wide range of investment products across its business lines of investment banking, brokerage and asset management.

Strategic move
The acquisition paved the way for Dubai Investments to foray into the financial services sector and added a strategic element to its diversified investment base. The acquisition provided Dubai Investments the opportunity to explore fresh avenues and expand its geographical footprint whilst also giving it the opportunity to significantly strengthen its assets under management.

Khalid Bin Kalban, Managing Director and CEO of Dubai Investments and Chairman of Al Mal, said: “Dubai Investments is well positioned to capitalize on Al Mal’s operational expertise and disciplined approach to risk management. Al Mal’s expertise in asset management, mergers and acquisitions, public and private placements coupled with its brokerage services enhance Dubai Investments’ in-house capabilities in managing its investment activities while at the same time providing a steady pipeline of deal
flow to Al Mal.”

“Dubai Investments has been eyeing an entry into the financial services sector for some time and the integration of Al Mal into the Dubai Investments group gives the company the edge towards delivering even more value to its stakeholders,” added Mr Kalban.

Dubai Investments’ acquisition of Al Mal Capital and foray into the financial services sphere came close on strong, long-term growth indicators in the sector, driven by diversifying economies, investment opportunities and favourable regulations across the
Gulf and Middle East, which are expected to attract capital inflow into the region. 

Responsible Role
Over the last 20 years, Dubai Investments has progressively built an extensive network of stakeholders in the business and investment communities as well as the society, developing long-term relationships to forge strong bonds with key sectors of business and industry as well as surrounding communities.

Dubai Investments plays its part in sustainable development – be it the environmental initiatives or its social and community programs aimed at creating a real impact for a better tomorrow. For Dubai Investments, CSR represents a crucial element that underlies both the company’s growth strategy as also its day-to-day operations.

The company’s vision, values, capacity and enthusiasm to achieve and make a difference have reflected in its solid performance. By sustaining this momentum, Dubai Investments is set for even greater heights in the years to come.