With offices in London, UK and Chicago, USA, Adgistics is a marketing technology solution provider that helps to grow the value of brand assets for global businesses. At the helm of this highly innovative company is Joe Jarrett, who spoke to us to tell us all about their company and learned the secrets behind their success.

Adgistics’ history stretches as a far back as the dot-com era, where in 1999 their aim was to enable internet-based capabilities for the marketing and communications supply chain. Working initially in the storage and distribution of marketing assets and collateral, the company’s solutions platform, the Brand Centre®, has evolved in line with the changing demands of brand management and the challenges marketers face.

The Brand Centre is a suite of networked technologies that enable companies to optimise and support some or all major marketing operations activities and processes. While it has been developed on solid, proven marketing asset management and business process management, it also matches specific functionality to individual enterprise needs, and recognises that these needs evolve. By doing this, Adgistics ensures optimum uptake, operational efficiency, improved productivity, organisation-wide transparency and contribution to building brand advocacy.

As for my role, I have been CEO of Adgistics for six years and throughout this time we have had a lot of successes in terms of new client wins, platform development and expansion of our ‘global footprint’. However, I was insistent that our many successes didn’t compromise our core values of quality customer service, maintaining strong values and integrity and also the desire to continually quest for improvement. To that, Adgistics continues to grow and extend its reach both across business verticals and geographies. In fact, 2015 was our best year to date with increases in client numbers, revenue and profitability.

Prior to my role as CEO, my career background has been quite diverse in nature; from being in the Australian Military, then joining Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited, to then joining Quickcut which was my first step into the world of enabling and disruptive technologies. For reasons I couldn’t understand at the time, I embraced the benefits behind the use of new technologies in the workplace. This spans from the introduction of the personal computer, to cell phones to smartphones, and right up to cloud computing and social networking. As such, there is no doubt that the introduction of these technologies has shaken up the status quo and enforced a management re-think.

Looking back, I now understand that I needed to be part of this change and as such, after many years championing the use of these types of technologies, I now have extensive experience in building early-stage technology companies from the brand management, advertising and marketing sectors, before expanding their footprint internationally. Ultimately, this is what lead me to join Adgistics some six years ago.

Despite being immersed and involved with these types of technologies for over 25 years now, it doesn’t stop me from being continually amazed with the volume and creativity of the ground-breaking technologies being developed and how these advances have and will continue to transform life, business and the global economy.

At Adgistics, I think it is our willingness to adapt and embrace new ideas, that it has allowed us to become an international company, and provide for a highly diverse set of clientele. Given the fact that the challenges faced by marketers today is universal in nature and ever evolving, Adgistics solutions are used by brands of all types and nature; from small to medium sized businesses, to large corporate enterprises. Interestingly, in the last 12 – 24 months, the company has seen a lot of traction from brands in the financial, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors where the volatility in both their respective market conditions and public perception have caused these sectors in particular to consider the best methods to make brand coherent, effective and consistently expressed on a global stage, while taking into account they operate in heavily regulated industries.

Looking towards the future, I am very confident that Adgistics will continue to grow in 2016 and beyond. Why? It would be too easy to focus on ‘delivery and results’ and lose sight of what is more important. For continued success, I need to ensure we have clarity on what we stand for, where, why and how we’ll get there. We operate in the world of branding and how brands utilise technology to help them serve their customers better as it continues to evolve at a rapid pace. As such, we must constantly demonstrate that we can deliver with and for our clients. I want Adgistics to be the company our clients look to for inspiration!

As for the award, it is certainly an honour to be awarded CEO of the Month – UK, and I would like to thank Acquisition International very much for the recognition! Obviously, being CEO of a company that has such a group of innovative, passionate and professional people who love what they do is something I am extremely proud of, and it makes the job even more enjoyable!

Company: Adgistics Ltd.
Name: Joe Jarrett
Address: 2nd Floor Deben
House, 1 Selsdon Way. London
E14 9GL United Kingdom
Phone: 44(0)20 7378 6777