New Global Business Network Makes a Strong Start With Highly Accomplished Member Base

The Marque, a global success-based online business network, announces its official launch. Through its recommendation-only policy, The Marque is rapidly building a powerful membership base in London with growing interest in business capitals across the world.

By joining The Marque, Members gain from three unique benefits: a private online platform for networking, a managed public profile and business intelligence via bespoke newsfeeds.

The platform launches with 60 founding Members who represent some of the most successful leaders across a broad range of industries and are major contributors to business, arts, media, culture and sport. Members include: Dominic Murphy (Head of UK & Ireland, KKR), Johnny Hornby(Chairman & CEO, The&Partnership), Nadja Swarovski (Executive Board Member, Swarovski), and Ric Lewis (CEO, Tristan Capital Partners).

The Marque caters to people at the top of their field who are conscious of the advantages of online networking but require additional levels of privacy. Members benefit from joining a secure platform to interact and share professional insights, without the distractions of advertising and unsolicited approaches.

The Marque’s public profiles give Members control of how they are represented online by displaying the most accurate and up-to-date business information about them. A dedicated Relationship Manager is on hand to keep profiles current and provide assistance on demand. These profiles aim to become the de facto source of information for people researching and writing on The Marque’s Members.

The Marque also delivers valuable business intelligence via personalised newsfeeds to keep Members current with their network within the private platform. Real-time business news related to each Member is also displayed on their public profile and monitored by The Marque’s in-house team.

The Marque was founded by Andrew Wessels who started his career at JP Morgan Asset Management. Andrew’s entrepreneurial ventures have involved a number of start-ups including Marquis Jets, later sold to Netjets, and co-founding his own telecoms business – Storm Solutions.

CEO Andrew Wessels commented on the launch: “What sets The Marque apart from other online networks is its meritocratic approach coupled with the private nature of the network that gives our Members the peace of mind that they are operating in a trusted network. Members are recommended based on achievement, irrespective of background. We are incredibly excited by the positive response we’ve had from such a dynamic and high-achieving group of people.”

Founder Member Dominic Murphy reiterated The Marque’s value: “I see a glaring gap in the market for a business network that enables accomplished people to interact in an elegant and trusted environment. With membership based solely on recommendations from existing Members, The Marque is truly focused and relevant”.