MDJ and Partners – Certified Public Accountants


With 14 years’ experience in various disciplines of institutional management consultancy services, accounting, internal auditing, external auditing and assurance service delivery, MDJ and Partners and its Parent firm, MDJ Associates Ltd are among the fastest growing consultancy and accounting firms in Uganda.

Founded in 2006, MDJ and Partners- Certified Public Accountants is a legally registered firm, with certificate No. 154738 and specialises in the provision of accounting, auditing and assurance services. All partners of this firm are professional accountants and full members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda. They are licensed to practice as Certified Public Accountants.

MDJ and Partners is a divisional firm of MDJ Associates Ltd (Consultants) that was founded in 1999 and is a fully incorporated private limited liability entity. It specialises in management consultancies, taxation and transaction advisory services, internal auditing and capacity building programmes.

Our firms have built strong reputations for delivering quality professional services to clients in the public, private and NGO sector. We work for clients ranging from large to medium and small enterprise set-ups and focuses on building and actively managing corporate performance.

In an economy where organisations are increasingly dissatisfied with above-the-line institutional management approaches, our firms strive to deliver cost-effective alternative professional solutions and consultancies to counter this challenge.

Our mission is to be a global player in our lines of services while leading locally. To achieve this, we deliver high quality services to our clients in the most professional and efficient manner while enhancing our firms’ reputation as a good corporate citizen through our unwavering professionalism.

Our broad objectives include the following;
• To provide technically sound quality services to our clients at affordable prices
• To achieve client recognition as their most reliable partner in finding timely and cost effective solutions to their organisation’s problems by enhancing their business processes through generally acceptable quality control processes and adherence to corporate governance principles
• To ensure client responsiveness with maximum ethical considerations
• To engage highly skilled human resource that is capable of fostering personal excellence and meeting the challenges of a competitive business world through quality service delivery

Company: MDJ and Partners – Certified Public Accountants
Plot No. 16/18 Kampala Road, 
1st Floor Ezzi House, 
Suite No. AR8 / AR13
P.O. Box 271, Entebbe (U)
Tel: +256-414-323 979
0392-901 205