Disrupting the M&A Industry


Lisiten Associates Business Brokers is a member of the International Business Brokers Association, the Better Business bureau and the Real Estate Board of New York. They act as consultants and business brokers to individual buyers and sellers as well as corporations and investment Groups.

Lisiten Associates has been acting as a brokering business since 1982. They are a professional, steadily growing business brokerage company and service a wide variety of businesses in a professional and confidential manner.

It only took Mel Lisiten 27 years to disrupt the M&A and business brokerage Industries.

Prior to this, brokers would advertise their listings in the traditional local manner, or to their limited contact list, but not always confidentially.

Today, Lisiten Associates is the undisputed leader in the global marketing of privately held, profitable businesses and companies, doing at least $4m in sales.

The company advertises their exclusive listings confidentially on 49 websites and in seven languages. By doing this, they are quickly able to find an optimum buyer for the business, as fast as possible from anywhere in the world. Using this marketing strategy and their proprietary “steps to a sale”, they close more deals than anyone else and have become a leader in the field.

Mel calls this “killer marketing techniques”, something he learned years ago in the fashion industry. Mel now applies these techniques to the business of selling businesses. Mel says: “I started out selling t-shirts and now I sell companies!” His vast experience helps him to understand almost any type of business, giving him a major edge.

This technique is proving extremely successful, as Lisiten Associates has now sold more than 600 companies during its lifetime. Due to this and many other positive factors, Lisiten Associates is now the number one business brokerage in the Northeastern U.S.A.

“We constantly strive to continue to be one of the best premier business brokers in the world, providing a first class and personal service to companies and individual acquirers, bearing in mind the needs of both buyers and sellers of businesses, while serving them with confidentiality, integrity and service.”

Lisiten associates boasts an elite team of successful professionals and the firm is constantly training new salesmen and women in its winning proprietary methods. There is no limit to the future of this company so only time will tell where the future will take them.


Company: Lisiten Associates
Name: Mel Lisiten
Email: mel@lisitenassociates.com
Web: lisitenassociates.com
Address: 330 East 38th St.
New York, NY 10016
Telephone: 1 212-661-4160

Article originally featured in AI September Issue