Brazil Offers Both Opportunities and Obstacles for Companies and Transferring Employees


Although it is the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil poses both significant opportunities – and obstacles – for employers and their relocating employees, according to a new report from Cartus Corporation, a leading provider of global relocation services.

The report, “Best Practices for Effective Relocation to Brazil: Guide for Mobility Managers,” points out that Brazil has seen a large influx of assignment volume in recent years. However, the list of country-specific challenges that companies and their employees must overcome for success there are noteworthy.

According to Cartus, the top three challenges in Brazil are: regulatory issues and government bureaucracy, security and cost control.
“Regulatory issues can affect timelines for employees relocating to Brazil in a number of key areas, such as visas and shipment of household goods,” says David Pascoe, Senior Vice President, Client Services at Cartus. “It’s critical for human resources and relocation managers to understand the do’s and don’ts as this region continues to grow in importance.”

In addition, a successful job transfer to Brazil can hinge on a number of complex cultural issues, and intercultural training plays a key role in helping reduce costly assignment failures.

The Best Practices for Effective Relocation to Brazil report is the second in a series from Cartus. The company’s next report will focus on best practices in Africa.