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Over ten years ago Pro-Link GLOBAL started their journey to become the award-winning global immigration management consulting group that they are today. They began with the vision of creating a work space for every employee that is inspirational, which in turn would provide their clients with a unique Immigration Experience. We spoke to them about how they have implemented this vision and continue to improve upon their services and expertise.

As we built our team we thought about how we may creatively approach our desire to employ the best and the brightest talent from all over the world – people who share our passion and empathy for transferring employees. While we acknowledge many organizations have similar visions, we were the first firm of our kind to embrace a virtual model with flexible work practices in which employees are able to work from home or remotely.

This modern approach abolishes the constrictions of a traditional work environment and allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and costs, while attracting and retaining top talent, across the globe (a goal many of our clients share). We are, to a large extent, the clients we serve. Whether it is the talent we look to retain or the corporate and personal responsibility we look to promote. As we developed our infrastructure, we employed innovative techniques that combine traditional brick and mortar locations and virtual specialists while also leveraging the resources of in-country immigration experts.

We did so with the goal of providing a truly 24/7 operation that works at the very highest level of ethical and professional standards. There is an intangible quality in knowing that the firm who services your talent relocat-ing abroad is made of qualified professionals who come from a diverse global pool of talent themselves, have gone through a similar process themselves and can relate to a wide range of individuals/interests just like you/your company or your employees.

The strongest part of our business is our employees. We foster an environment of health and positivity and it shows in our extraordinary customer service we provide to our clients. We have a passion for immigration and it is reflective in our day-to-day interactions with our clients and their employees. We have empathy for everyone involved in the process.

Innovation drives our company. It started with challenging the status quo a decade ago, and continues to do so. When you’re prepared to start asking simple questions of everyday things, the world is suddenly full of possibilities. Staying at the cutting edge of our industry, we believe that leveraging technology means working smarter. Time is not a luxury an international traveler has. They need instant answers to questions like “do I need a visa?”; “how do I track all those business trips?”; and “how long will it take to move and start work-ing?”. The flip side of that challenge is how multinational organizations manage a mobile workforce and re-main in compliance with the myriad of regulations. The result of our efforts - a passionate team of innovative, responsive professionals who collaborate as one to provide our clients with a best in class global immigration experience. This is not just our vision, but a reality that we work diligently to achieve each day, with each case that we process. In a global market dominated by large corporations, Pro-Link GLOBAL now stands head and shoulders above its peers in the field of global corporate immigration because they defy borders by embracing a “one team” approach to their services with over 1,600 immigration specialists working in over 140 countries.
We are truly a global company with a global standard of work and ethics since day one. Whether you work from Hungary, China, US or Brazil, we all share the same technology, resources and passion for the clients we serve. Just like our clients, we strive to maintain a balanced and culturally sensitive team approach. We harnessed the power of technology to access the best talent in the regions we operated in from the beginning, no barriers – it cannot get better than that.

In terms of the mobility industry, we are fortunate to be part of young industry that was born very much as a result of the shifts in the global economy we started experiencing about a decade or so ago with the rise of the emerging markets. I consider the year 2005 to be the birth year of the global mobility industry, the same year the “idea” of Pro-Link as a virtual business model was being developed, which also coincides with the birth of a new era – the flat era - as famously described in Thomas’s Friedman’s 2005 book “The World is Flat.” Ever since, the global mobility industry has become the barometer of a world constantly on the move in search of cheaper, faster, smarter – everything. As a result, the challenges we face in our business are not much different than the challenges that any of our multinational clients face, really – how to remain relevant in a very competitive marketplace, how to retain the best talent and control costs in an era of huge technological advances and shift in the global economic power.

We are thrilled to receive recognition for our US, China and Singapore offices through the Global Mobility, Immigration & Logistics awards. We have worked countless hours and facilitated thousands of employee transfers abroad. It is truly an honour to be recognized by these awards. With an unmatched ability to create win-win strategic partnerships, Pro-Link GLOBAL has set itself apart as the premier corporate global immigra-tion provider.


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